Give Your Droid a Brand New Look With These Parts Now Available in Disney World!

If you’re looking for a customizable merchandise experience at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, other than building your own lightsaber at Savi’s workshop, you’ll definitely want to the check out the Droid Building experience at Droid Depot.

Droid Depot

There, you’ll get the chance to build a custom, remote-controlled R series or BB series droid.

If you already built your droid and took it home, but you’re looking to change out some of its parts, now you can! Recently, we learned that you can now buy individual droid heads and body parts at Droid Depot. There are some great purple, blue, red, black, and orange designs available.

Droid Heads

When we visited, they weren’t selling all of the droid pieces and mechanisms, so it’s not as though you could buy all of the items needed to build a complete droid at home. But, if you already have a droid that you’ve built from Galaxy’s Edge and you’d like to swap out its head or part of the body to be a different color, you can buy one (or more) of these pieces on their own and change the design as often as you’d like! The Cast Member there also told us to keep checking back as more special items like this may appear in the future!

Droid Parts

These pieces are each $15 (or 15 credits as you’ll hear them say in Galaxy’s Edge). It’s great to see that you can now continue to customize your droid companion beyond your initial building experience. We’re on the lookout for all the latest Disney and Star Wars news so be sure to come back for more updates!

Have you built your own droid companion at Droid Depot? Let us know in the comments about your experience!

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2 Replies to “Give Your Droid a Brand New Look With These Parts Now Available in Disney World!”

    1. If you have an iphone or Android phone, you can download the droid depot app and sync your droid to that. There’s some fun features that you can’t get with the regular remote.