Five Things You Didn’t Know About Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

If you’re a thrill seeker, you’ve probably taken a spin on Rock n’ Roller Coaster in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Rock n’ Roller Coaster

Located at the end of Sunset Boulevard, the legendary coaster is the ONLY attraction in Walt Disney World that flips you upside down and is set to the tunes of Aerosmith.

As with any Disney attraction, there’s more than meets the eye — and we’re willing to bet even the biggest RNR fans won’t know all these fun facts about their favorite coaster!

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Rock n’ Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios!

1. A Speedy Takeoff

The take-off is arguably the best part of Rock n’ Roller Coaster, but do you know just how FAST it is?

Rock n Roller Coaster Launch

Hang on to your guitars because the launch at Rock n’ Roller Coaster is 0 to 57MPH in just 2.8 seconds! That’s faster than you can say walk this way!

2. Different Jams

Have you ridden the attraction twice and thought “huh, that’s not the soundtrack I remember?” Don’t worry — you’re not crazy. There are actually four different limos, each with their own jams!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

You could hear:

  • “Nine Lives” / “Sweet Emotion” medley
  • “Back in the Saddle”/ “Dude Looks Like a Lady” medley
  • “Love in an Elevator”/ “Walk This Way” medley
  • “Young Lust”/ “F.I.N.E.”/ “Love in an Elevator” medley

3. Digitally Altered

The attraction, including the pre-show starring Aerosmith themselves, debuted in 1999. But that doesn’t mean the ride has been the same since then!

Aerosmith – with altered hand gesture

Initially, when Steven Tyler said “wait a minute, I love that idea,” he made a “crude” hand gesture. Disney fixed it… 17 years later… by digitally altering his hand to an open palm (seen above).

4. The Band Manager

Speaking of the pre-show, you’re also introduced to the band’s manager! She is played by actress Illeana Douglas.

Make it a super stretch.

You may recognize her from an episode of Seinfeld, hosting on Turner Classic Movies, or her appearance in Six Feet Under (which earned her an Emmy nom).

5. Crank it UP!

To achieve maximum rock levels, there are more than 900 speakers throughout the attraction!

Additionally, each guest is surrounded by five speakers (four around your head and one in the seat) to fully submerge you in the music!

Is Rock n’ Roller Coaster your favorite attraction in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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3 Replies to “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!”

  1. There was a time not long after RnR opened my dad and I legitimately thought the hand gesture was just Steven Tyler being a weirdo and doing the rock and roll symbol whilst deep in thought. We used to always do it the same way on the ride for the photo. It took me growing up to give the gesture a second thought and I realized on a later trip as an adult they’d edited it out of the pre-show. Yikes. I still hope Steven wasn’t intentionally trying to sneak a shocking surprise into a family ride but 🤷‍♂️

  2. Oh, my very favorite ride for many years! I am 75 years young and it’s my first ride when we go. Now my grandson loves to go on with me!!