Best Snacks By Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of our favorite Parks to visit — and it’s not just the movie magic in the attractions that’s got our hearts!

Hollywood Studios

Besides joining the Resistance, tagging along with Mickey and Minnie, and checking out the shows, we also love the food in this Park!

We see menu changes all the time in the parks, which means some of the best options can come and go.

But don’t worry — many of your favorite snacks are still available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Here’s our top snack pick from each land!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Ronto Wrap at Ronto Roasters

We’re starting our food journey off with one of our favorite savory treats — the Ronto Wrap. Alright, so maybe it’s technically more of a sandwich, but we can get really hungry sometimes after waiting hours to ride Rise of the Resistance. That’s why we’re classifying this light meal as a snack for all intents and purposes!

Ronto Wrap

If you enjoy chowing down on classic hot dogs or brats, we think you’ll enjoy this souped-up Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge version. The classic take features a pork sausage and sliced roasted pork wrapped in grilled pita bread served with a tangy slaw and a zippy peppercorn sauce for $12.99. And if you hit Batuu early enough you can try their Morning Ronto Wrap ($12.49) which features egg, the same tasty grilled pork sausage, and cheese instead of slaw. We happen to prefer the classic one better, but you do you!

Sunset Boulevard

Glimmer and Shimmer Blondie at Fairfax Fare

The Glimmer and Shimmer Blondie is a yummy toffee and coconut blondie with salted caramel buttercream. We’ve seen this on the menu a few place, but right now you can find it at Fairfax Fare. Though introduced as a 50th Anniversary treat, we hope this one sticks around after the festivities are over. If you find your sweet tooth kicking in on Sunset Boulevard, grab one for $4.49.

Glimmer and Shimmer Blondie

Echo Lake

Wookiee Cookie at Backlot Express

With a name like “Wookiee Cookie” you might think this treat would be found inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but it’s actually not there. You’ll find it at the Backlot Express Quick Service restaurant over by Star Tours instead!

Backlot Express Wookiee Cookie

The Wookiee Cookie is a bit of a misnomer since the delicious snack consists of not one, but TWO cookies! The chewy oatmeal cookies are sandwiched together with a fluffy marshmallow cream filling and topped with a piece of milk chocolate decorated to look like Chewbacca’s bandolier. We could eat these things by the dozen, but it’s probably a good idea just to buy one of ’em at a time for $6.29!

Grand Avenue

Charcuterie Plate at BaseLine Tap House

We were thrilled to be reunited with one of our favorite Hollywood Studios watering holes when the Park reopened in July! BaseLine Tap House has always had one of our favorite outdoor patios, and their Charcuterie Board for $10 has never let us down!

Charcuterie Board

You’ll get a wide selection of California cheeses (usually including Toma Farmstead Cheese, Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese, and Laura Chenel’s Sonoma Goat Cheese) plus some zesty chorizo and Calabrese Salami to pair with them. Cornichons, grapes, and toasted baguette slices add just the right amount of salt, sweetness, and texture to this very satisfying snack! We often need a California brew or two to wash it down, so it’s a good think BaseLine has a bunch of options on tap. 😉

Hollywood Boulevard

Carrot Cake Cookie at Trolley Car Café

After all these years, one of our favorite treats has managed to stick around. The Carrot Cake Cookie used to be found at Writers Stop, but when BaseLine Tap House took that Quick Service spot’s place, the Carrot Cake Cookie found a new home.

Carrot Cake Cookie

Now that the Carrot Cake Cookie has relocated to the Trolley Car Café, you can grab your delicious Starbucks coffee or iced tea and get your cookie to-go! Just like the Wookie Cookie, the Carrot Cake Cookie isn’t all its name would have you believe — once again, you get two tasty carrot cake cookies for the price of one! They’re joined together with a yummy cream cheese frosting, and for just $4.99, this treat is a total steal!

Toy Story Land

Lunch Box Tart at Woody’s Lunch Box

Once you enter Toy Story Land, you’ll also find slim pickings in the snack department. A staple at Woody’s Lunch Box, Lunch Box Tarts are delicious frosted, filled-pastry squares that come in a variety of different flavors throughout the year — we think of them like a Pop Tart but way better!

Lunch Box Tarts

Animation Courtyard

Num Num Cookie at Market

While we enjoy baking up our own batches of Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookies at home, nothing beats a fresh Num Num Cookie at the Park! These treats are big enough to share, but once you taste that sweet goodness you may have a hard time letting go!

Num Num Cookies

As for the rest of the Animation Courtyard, it’s a little bit of a snack ghost town! You’ll be able to find popcorn and Joffrey’s specialty coffee and tea drinks, but for munchies, you’ll probably have to motor someplace else for the time being!


What’s your favorite snack at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Tell us in the comments below!

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