O’ Canada! NEW Maple Leaf Ears Spotted at the Grand Re-Opening of EPCOT!

We’ve been exploring and eating everything in sight at the grand re-opening at EPCOT.

Canada Pavilion

There haven’t been too many new additions to the merch situation since the parks re-opened. While touring World Showcase we spotted something NEW and adorable at the Canada Pavilion!

Canadian visitors and fans of all things Canada are gonna love these new Minnie Ears!

Canada Minnie Ears

The ears are practically bursting with Canadian Pride with two huge maple leaves printed on each ear, hockey sticks on the bow, and Canada embroidered on the side (as if you couldn’t already tell they’re Canadian ears).

Canada Minnie Ears

You know what goes great with these ears? A relaxing visit to the new circle vision show inside the Canadian Pavilion. Soak up the AC and catch a showing of Canada Far and Wide.

Canada Minnie Ears

The ears are $29.99 and the perfect gift for lovers of maple syrup, hockey, and the smell of pine. We’ll continue to keep an eye for new merchandise so be sure to follow along with us!

What do you think of the new Canada ears? Let us know!

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2 Replies to “O’ Canada! NEW Maple Leaf Ears Spotted at the Grand Re-Opening of EPCOT!”

  1. Those ears are awesome and as a Canadian who can’t get there right now would love for someone to get n ship for me if possible. Any chance of this?