Tutto Italia 3-Course Summer Lunch Preview

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Recently I had the opportunity to preview the new Three-Course Menu that will be offered at Tutto Italia this summer. Tutto Italia is located in Epcot’s World Showcase in the Italy pavilion.

Tutto Italia in Epcot

This summer special menu will debut on May 3 and be available until August 31. The lunch includes one appetizer, one main course, one dessert and a soft drink (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, ginger ale, iced tea).

The meal begins with Tutto Italia’s home-made bread and olive oil service.

Bread Service at Tutto Italia

The appetizers are: Antipasto, Insalata Mista, Caprese or Minestrone soup. (The photos are in the same order.)

Antipasto at Tutto Italia in Epcot

Insalata Mista at Tutto Italia in Epcot

Caprese Salad at Tutto Italia in Epcot

Minestrone Soup at Tutto Italia in Epcot

I selected the Antipasto, which included sopressata, finocchiona, roasted pepper, and ovolini mozzarella. This was excellent and I believe the appetizer to select! Each item had wonderful flavor! I also tasted the Caprese Salad and it was very good.

The main course really offers foods for a variety of tastes. Your choices are: Scaloppine di Pollo (chicken), Filetto di Sogliola (sole), Caesar Salad with Chicken, or Spaghetti. (The photos are in the same order.)

Scaloppine di Polla at Tutto Italia in Epcot

Filetto di Sogliola at Tutto Italia in Epcot

Caesar Salad with Chicken at Tutto Italia in Epcot

Spaghetti and Meatballs at Tutto Italia in Epcot

I went with the tried and true Spaghetti and Meatballs. The pasta was good and there was plenty of it. Everyone seemed to enjoy their selections.

Soon it was time for dessert. There are three yummy desserts to choose from: Cannolo, Tiramisu, and Gelati (chocolate, vanilla, or stracciatella, which is a chocolate chip). The desserts are all winners as far as I am concerned! I thought the gelato was particularly flavorful. I should mention we were given small portions of several desserts offered at Tutto Italia.

Desserts at Tutto Italia in Epcot

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a full-service lunch in Epcot this is a very viable option and in my opinion well worth the $27. I did not leave hungry. Selecting an appetizer and entree off the regular lunch menu would cost you $29 alone and not include the dessert or beverage.

It is priced competitively with other Prix Fixe lunch menus in Epcot — Chefs de France, which offers a three-course lunch special for $25.99 and Restaurant Marrakesh, whose fixed price lunch runs $28.99.

If you want a full-service dining experience for lunch in Epcot and enjoy Italian food, give it a try!

Particulars: The three-course experience is $27 +tip/tax per person. Reservations are recommended. Substitutions are not allowed. If you have special dietary needs, talk to a manager before ordering. The three-course lunch WILL be part of the Disney Dining Plan.

For more information about Tutto Italia, check out our Dining Section which includes menus!

DISCLAIMER: I was a guest of Tutto Italia to preview this new lunch offering. My observations and opinions are my own.

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4 Replies to “Tutto Italia 3-Course Summer Lunch Preview”

  1. We saw the post that this lunch would be available during the last days of our stay at Disney. We did not need reservations due to the downpour that day. If it had been earlier that week we would have needed the reservations. Our waiter was excellent and bought out extra bread and olives. My husband enjoyed the olives and said they were the best he has eaten. We both had the soup while my husband had the chicken, I had the fish. Both were excellent and we would order them again. The gelato was very good and topped off our meal. We would definitely go back again but would make sure we had reservations.

  2. Looks delicious! Thanks for the tip! Sadly, Chefs de France has done away with their lunch menu. They still have a prix fixe option but at a higher dollar value and “dinner” entrees.

  3. My Husband & I visited WDW-FL about 3 yrs. ago when “The Dining Plan” was very new (especially for us) but we loved it & we “shared” our meals to save our calories (& there was definitely plenty for us both). Will the NEWEST Version of the Meal Plan still allow us to “share” meals regardless of where we decide to “dine”??

    I appreciate the great info that your website is providing since it is always “up-2-date” & “very informative”. I am so glad that, with all of the many changes in WDW Policies, that you always stay on top of it for our benefit. Thank You & Please keep up the great work. I would love to go on another Cruise (we took one in 2013 w/friends & I fondly remembered one of my past Cruises with You. Thanks for the Memories. (I made the WDW Board Game Door Decoration).

    Cordially, Gwendolyn Anderson (Sandston, VA)