Fountain View in Epcot

Anita Answer and I were strolling through Future World at Epcot today when Anita noticed that the Fountain View restaurant is now sponsored by Edy’s Ice Cream. The pastries are gone and the facility now offers approximately 12 flavors of ice cream. We didn’t see any sugar-free ice cream on display, however, we didn’t ask if it was available so who knows…

In the past, the Fountain View restaurant usually closed in the early afternoon. However, we made our discovery around 3pm so it appears this establishment is staying open longer than it used to.

On a different note… When checking into Old Key West, Anita Answer noticed that the parking permit she was given to place on the dashboard of her car had a bar code printed on it. At the moment she doesn’t know what it will be used for, but she hopes to have an answer soon.

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