The New Target Water Bottle Every Disney Adult Is Taking to Magic Kingdom

We are nearing the official first day of summer!

Cinderella Castle

Summer in Disney World means two things — crowds and HOT and HUMID weather. It’s important to take the necessary precautions to stay safe in the Florida summer weather. Rain gear and sunscreen are musts but so is staying hydrated. Disney provides free water at many quick-service restaurants, but it can be way more convenient to take a water bottle with you in the parks. We spotted four new water bottles at Target that would be perfect for taking with you to Magic Kingdom!

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Magic Kingdom is the ultimate Disney Princess park with Cinderella Castle right there to greet you as you walk inside. That’s why taking a Disney Princess water bottle with you is perfect for your kids!


This Thermos brand stainless steel water bottle features many of our favorite Disney Princesses! The lid covers the straw to help keep it clean and spill-proof around the parks. And the carrying handle is convenient to attach it to a backpack or hold onto while wandering the parks.

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Magic Kingdom is the original Disney World park, so it only makes sense that we would take a water bottle with the original Disney character on it with us there!


We love this water bottle because it comes with a carrying sling which makes it easier to carry around in the parks. The case is also insulated to help keep your water stay cooler longer, another perk in the Florida heat!

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We love this other Mickey Mouse water bottle by Simple Modern!


This is a 32oz stainless steel water bottle that is simply adorable. Mickey is the perfect design for this water bottle that we’re taking with us to Magic Kingdom.

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If you’re looking for something more minimalistic and easy to carry, this collapsible water bottle is a great option!


This might not be specifically Disney-themed, but it will easily fit in your park bag making it convenient to take with you to the parks. It’s lightweight and compact when it’s empty. Drink up some fresh water then put it right back in your bag!

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Staying hydrated in the parks this summer is incredibly important! It will keep you healthy, cool, and ready to take on all the rides. Don’t forget to stop for water and air conditioning breaks now and then while you’re taking on Disney World.

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