Why We’re Getting Worried About the Final Stage of the EPCOT Transformation

In just one month, the final stage of the EPCOT Transformation should be complete!

CommuniCore Hall sign

The last piece of the puzzle is the opening of CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza, which will be used as the new festival area for the park’s festivals. However, we have to be honest — we have a BIG worry about this new area.

Not because of its opening timeline this time though, no, we think it WILL open on time (June 10th). However, there’s been some discourse online about the design of the new area.

Progress at CommuniCore Hall

While we’re excited about the new stages, which are still behind walls right now, there’s a massive problem people online are pointing out — where’s the seating?

CommuniCore Hall and Plaza construction from October 2023

One of the stages we can see clearly of CommuniCore Hall is looking great, except for the fact that in the concept art for the new area, and from what we can see from the Monorail, there appears to be no seating whatsoever for this stage.


This is likely going to be a BIG issue for a lot of people because when you’re enjoying a concert over at the America Gardens Theatre, you can sit down and listen (even if you’re sitting at the tables outside Regal Eagle Smokehouse). If there’s no seating at all here, it means you’ll need to stand to enjoy the show.

America Gardens Theatre

Is it the end of the world? No, of course not, but EPCOT is a BIG park, and your legs/feet are probably already tired from exploring. We’re curious as to why Disney didn’t think of adding more seating when it’s already a complaint we’ve heard from our readers many times.


We’ll be sure to update you on all the latest EPCOT news, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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How do you feel about a standing-room-only stage? Tell us in the comments!

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