NEW Show Revealed in EPCOT

EPCOT has changed A LOT over the past few years.

New World Celebration gardens

New rides, attractions, worlds, and more have been completed during EPCOT’s transformation. World Celebration has been added as a completely new area for guests to experience. While we are still waiting for CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza to open, World Celebration Gardens have been open for a few months now. But apparently, Disney still has a few surprises up its sleeve for this special area!

While we were in EPCOT we noticed a brand new stage area inside World Celebration Gardens. It was blocked off and seemed to fit the aesthetic of the section within the gardens that it was in. It was metallic and had a sphere atop it with what appeared to be hand grips inside it.

A new stage area!

We talked to a Cast Member, and it turned out to be an all-new live performance called Forces of Nature! Seeing live entertainment around the park is so much fun to stumble upon.

It turns out that March 31st was their first day of the show! It features dancers doing impressive acrobatics in and around the sphere.

Forces of Nature

It appears that each of the performers is acting as an Earth element based on their costuming. It’s a very beautiful and special performance that you can now see in EPCOT.

Forces of Nature

There was no sign for the new show, and it is not currently on the Disney World app. We had to ask a Cast Member what times we could expect it to be each day. It appears that it will start around 10:15 AM, 11:15 AM, 12: 15 PM, 1:10 PM, 2:10 PM, and 3:10 PM each day. Since these times are not posted anywhere yet, it is possible that they could change day-to-day.

Super impressive!

The creator of this new show is Anti Gravity, which is also the company that provides the Art Defying Gravity performance during the EPCOT Festival of the Arts! So if you enjoy the acrobatic show during that festival, then you may want to run over to EPCOT soon to see their new show.

So cool to run into this show!

We’re always in the parks so we can bring you the most up-to-date info. Keep following AllEars for more Disney news!

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