The NEW Reason You Have to Visit EPCOT at Night

HOLD UP. You might be thinking “After a long day of eating around EPCOT, I’ve just GOT to go back to the hotel to rest my feet.” But be careful — you don’t want to leave EPCOT too early and regret it!

EPCOT at night

The EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival is taking place from February 28th through May 27th and features all kinds of tasty eats, delicious drinks, unique entertainment, shopping opportunities, and more. But one special thing only happens when things get a bit darker…

We’ve got to give a HUGE “thank you” to the 50th Anniversary celebrations that took place in Disney World because they’re part of what brought this fantastic change to EPCOT. During the 50th Anniversary, TONS of tiny lights were installed on Spaceship Earth to transform the park icon into a Beacon of Magic. While Beacon of Magic effects for the other park icons went away at the end of the celebration, thankfully EPCOT’s change was a permanent one!


Each night, Spaceship Earth now lights up in some spectacular ways with a little show of sorts that you can catch once things get a bit darker.

What makes the Flower & Garden Festival extra special, however, is that the show typically gets a fun overlay (in fact, you’ll typically find fun overlays specific to each EPCOT Festival during the time that such Festival is offered).

Festival of the Arts Nighttime Show

During the 2023 Flower and Garden Festival, Spaceship Earth got an Encanto-themed light show. And in 2024, it features Encanto again! We got to listen to “What Else Can I Do” from the hit movie.

There is also a segment of the show that plays “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas.

Don’t forget — you can now watch the show from the newly opened World Celebration Gardens! The ground lights up and it’s quite the view.

A new spot to watch!

So, don’t rush out of the park once you’ve eaten your way through the food booths (despite your feet desperately wanting some rest). Be sure to stick around late enough to catch this special show because it won’t be around forever!

Fun Spaceship Earth lights!

Planning your trip to the Flower & Garden Festival? Head over to our AllEars Style page for some outfit inspiration!

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