Disney World Just Quietly CHANGED Happily Ever After Fireworks…and We Love It!

Happily Ever After is a beloved fireworks show that happens in Magic Kingdom each night.

Happily Ever After

The AllEars team LOVES this classic Magic Kingdom nighttime show, and we rarely miss the opportunity to check it out during our visit. As self-proclaimed Disney EXPERTS, we know a thing or two about Disney shows, and we notice all kinds of details — big and small! Recently, we caught an update at the beginning of Happily Ever After, and we HAVE to talk about it. Disney hasn’t officially announced anything about this change, but we noticed it and wanted to let you know what we saw.

We first noticed this change right at the beginning of the show when the first beat of that Happily Ever After music starts. Previously, the castle was backlit with lights that looked like this:

Happily Ever After during the 50th Anniversary

Now, full-beam searchlights are back at the show! This means that the first moment of the show is even MORE dramatic, and we love it. These lights are used before the narrator speaks for the first time during the show and throughout the spectacular. Note that based on our observations, Disney is using the same type of lighting for each part of the show; it’s just a little brighter and more dramatic now. 

Full beam searchlights! (Photo from February 23rd, 2024)

Look at how bright and lit up the castle looks with the new and improved lighting!

They look amazing! (Photo from February 23rd, 2024)

Here’s another look at the brighter lighting at a different part of the show.

Check out those LIGHTS!

When you look at old shows compared to the changes we spotted on February 23rd, we can see the change in the lights in other places, too. Here’s a peek at what the lights looked like in 2023. You can see them around the 0:32 second point of the clip.

It’s nice to see that Happily Ever After looks the same as it did before the show ended in 2020, so we feel confident enough to say that Happily Ever After is back to its original self!

Happily Ever After (February 2020)

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