6 Unspoken Rules About Quick Service Restaurants at Disney World

If you’re hungry and in a hurry, there’s no better way to satisfy that hunger than with a quick service spot!

Casey’s Corner

If you didn’t know, there are over 100 quick-service (fast food) locations at Disney World. Some of them are grab-and-go spots and others you can even Mobile Order ahead of time. They really are all about convenience. That being said, there are some “rules” you can abide by that will make you a good Disney World neighbor while you eat there.

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So, here are a few unspoken rules of dining at quick service locations just to make sure that we’re all being good Disney World citizens. Note, that these are not required by Disney, but as fellow park guests, these are a few considerate things to think about while we’re grabbing our food.

Clean Up Your Own Mess

As a big reminder, when you’re at quick service locations, it’s a general rule of thumb that you are responsible for cleaning up your own mess.

Cosmic Ray’s seating

You will come across some locations (like ABC Commissary) where Cast Members specifically request that you leave your trash at the table to be cleaned by a Cast Member. If you find this isn’t stated at the quick service spot you’re at, be a good human and clean up your mess.

Your Entire Family Doesn’t Need to Get in Line.

Remember, when you’re ordering your food, you don’t need more than one person speaking with the Cast Member. Don’t have the whole team get in line with you. Have one place the order, or maybe two if you anticipate having multiple trays of food to carry.

Columbia Harbour Ordering Area

The same is true when you’re coming in to pick up your Mobile Order. Please, pretty please, if your order isn’t ready for pickup, please wait outside and don’t block the entrance. Once it’s ready, there’s no need to crowd out the Cast Members with the whole family hanging around the pickup window.

Mobile Order is King

Mobile Order is THE way to order your food without having to stand in line waiting for it.

The app keeps you up to date on your order!

You can order your food and still do other things (like shop for Disney souvenirs) while waiting.

You Can Swap Out Your Sides

Speaking of Mobile Order, when you’re making your order, you have the ability to modify any items much easier by using the  “Modify” and “Quantity” buttons on the “My Order” screen.


For example, let’s say you actually a Cuties Mandarin instead of French Fries, or if you wanted three burgers instead of two, you can click the “Modify” button. It then takes you back to the item’s page where you can make changes and customizations.


That’s the place where you can change anything you want or need. It’s the simple things like this that make your park trip a little simpler.

Never Pay for Bottled Water

So, this one is more of a tip for you to save a buck over being a good Disney World neighbor. We’ll say it plainly — please don’t spend money on bottled water at the restaurant. You can get an endless supply of ice-cold water for FREE!

Disney World cup

All you need to do is ask the Cast Members for a water cup and you’ll be all set!

Bring Your Own Reusable Straw

You’ll find that most spots around Disney World have been rocking paper straws for a while now, but don’t feel that drinking with a paper straw or without a straw are your only options.

Disney World paper straws

You could choose instead to purchase a reusable straw from one of the gift shops, or do what we do, and bring our own reusable straw from home!

Well, those are all the unspoken rules we have for you at the moment. In the meantime, for more Disney World tips and news, keep following AllEars!

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