The Unspoken Rules of Disney World’s Standby Lines

We talk a lot about the virtual queues and Lightning Lanes for rides in Disney World, but we don’t often talk about standing in a regular ol’ standby line.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Using virtual queues is required for some Disney rides and the Lightning Lane system helps you walk right on by the people waiting in long lines. But sometimes, you can’t help but end up in a standby line. Lightning Lanes can sell out or you may choose not to purchase Genie+, and now you find yourself in a really long line to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Well, we have a few unspoken rules for when you find yourself in this predicament!

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Disney Vacation Planner

If you find yourself stuck in a standby line for a ride, we ask that you consider these unofficial rules! These are not required by Disney, but as fellow park guests, these are a few considerate things to think about while we’re all waiting to ride the ride.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

As a big reminder, there are A LOT of us in the line for the ride. Sometimes, we can get into close contact with each other (as we eagerly sneak closer and closer together). But please, be aware that not everyone likes others in their personal space.

Waiting in lines is an art in Disney World

Getting bumped into or accidentally sprayed with a mist bottle is not pleasant. Please notice that there are others near you and some preferred the COVID 6-feet social distance rules. It’s also considerate to wear headphones if you’re going to choose to watch videos, TikToks, or reels while in line (especially if it is not appropriate content). Overall, please remember to keep a little space between you and the person in front of you, and know that not everyone wants to watch the YouTube video with you.

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Play a Game to Pass the Time

As Disney pros, we hop into a standby line prepared! That means we have the Play Disney app downloaded or we have some go-to games to play while we’re waiting to get on our ride.

Disney Play app ©Disney

Standing in a queue could be a great time to break out a game of eye spy or Disney trivia (which you can find in the app)! There are lots of games to play on your phones or just create with your family. Playing games can really help pass the time.

Or if you’re looking for something to do while in line, check out one of our fun games through the Disney World parks (with headphones, please)!

Watch Your Children

Disney World is a great family vacation destination! Kids get to be kids and live out their fantasies. But in a standby line, please remind your children to also be respectful of those around them.

PeopleMover line

Some rules are Disney rules, such as no climbing on walls, fences, and queue ropes. These things are not for playing on and could end with serious injuries. As much as people don’t like getting bumped or pushed into by adults, it’s also not great when it’s a child. Please, keep your children from running rampant so that everyone around you can also have a pleasant line experience.

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No Line Hopping

We get it, sometimes, your party can get split up and plan to meet at a ride or someone in your party desperately needed to use the bathroom. If this happens, , please just wait for them outside of the line.

Waiting in line at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

It can be really inconvenient to try to jump, crawl, and push your way through the line to meet up with the rest of your group. It’s inconsiderate to those who were already waiting in the line and are now being skipped by several people. One person sneaking their way up is one thing, but we’ve seen large groups of people struggling to work their way up to one person holding their spot.

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Remain Standing Please (or sit on a ledge)

If we’re in line for a ride, we’re eager to get on the ride! That means when the line moves, we are prepped and ready to move with it.

The Rise of the Resistance standby line can be REALLY long

If you’ve decided to sit down on the ground in line, you may have just become tripping hazards and slow movers when the line moves. Unless, the ride has broken down, please stay standing or sit on a ledge near your spot in line. We do understand that Disney World is a lot of walking and being on your feet, and taking a break is nice, but in line is probably not the best time to camp out on the ground.

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We don’t mean to be rude or tell you what to do, we just like to make sure that everyone has a good time in the Happiest Place on Earth! Being considerate of those around you is a must in the parks filled with thousands of people. Following these unspoken rules will help you and everyone else have your best vacation ever.

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