The Unspoken Rules About Disney World Bathrooms

Disney World bathrooms are almost as eventful as the parks themselves.

Disney World restrooms can be an interesting place

Truly, the Disney World bathrooms see all. With so many visitors flocking in and out of them all day every day, there are a few unspoken rules that we, as good citizens of Disney World, should follow. This post is going to be your guide to the unspoken rules of Disney World bathrooms, and if you aren’t currently abiding by these rules…well, you’re probably making someone else’s experience not-so-magical.

So, in case you’d like a laugh about some things we’ve experienced in the Disney World bathrooms, or in case you need some extra guidance on the law of the land within the Disney World bathrooms, then this post is for you!

Don’t Use the Handicap Stall If Others Are Available

If you are able, and if you aren’t also tagging along a slew of tiny humans, you should opt for a stall other than the handicap stall. There are folks out there who can’t use any other stall for a variety of reasons, so if you know that you would be fine in another, use another!

Don’t use them if you don’t HAVE to!

Of course, not all reasons to use a handicapped stall are visible, so another rule of thumb is to not make assumptions about those who might be using the larger stall, even if they don’t “appear” to need it.

Please Don’t FaceTime Your Mom While I’m in the Stall Next To You

Security cameras aren’t allowed in bathrooms. It’s weird to take photos in bathrooms. So, it’s also a bit weird to FaceTime or make phone calls from the bathroom where 20 other people are trying to take care of their business.

Pandora entrance bathrooms

We do NOT want anyone to hear us pee, especially the person you’re on the phone with.

If There’s No Toilet Paper, WARN ME

One of the most disappointing things EVER is waiting in line for a stall, someone exiting, taking over that stall, and realizing there’s no toilet paper.

EPCOT Restrooms

A warning would be much appreciated!

Don’t Block the Paper Towels

There should not be a line in which people are standing and dripping water everywhere while someone takes their precious time retrieving a paper towel and then drying their hands off — blocking the paper towel dispenser while a line of people are waiting.

Bathrooms on the second floor of the Grand Floridian

Grab the paper towel, step to the side, and allow the traffic to flow.

Don’t Use The Hand Driers For Shoes and Socks

Sometimes it’s unavoidable. You get rained on, you step in a puddle, you drop ice cream on your otherwise pristine white shoes, and have to do a stain treatment in the bathroom.

Bathrooms outside of EPCOT

Whatever the reason your shoes or socks are wet, please do not dry them with the hand driers, especially if the bathroom is super busy. Smelly foot air is not something we want to be breathing!

Don’t Use the Changing Table For Bag Storage

Way too many times, we’ve seen folks use the changing tables as a way to store their larger bags and other items while they use the restroom. This leaves mothers who need to change their babies scrambling to find another place to change them!

Hollywood Studios

The changing table is not for storage, it’s for those with young children. Don’t leave a mother changing a baby on the bathroom floor or sink because you didn’t want to bring your bag into the stall.

Don’t Refuse to Exit The Restroom When It Rains

Even when it’s raining outside, people still need to go to the bathroom. Refusing to exit the bathroom so you don’t get wet could make for a pretty frustrating situation for those who really have to go.


Just be mindful of others in this situation and if you are adamant about not getting wet, just make sure to step to the side and allow folks to do what they gotta do without blocking stalls or exits.

And there you have it! We’ll be sure to keep you updated with more Disney news and fun posts like these. Make sure to follow along for more so that you never miss a thing!

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7 Replies to “The Unspoken Rules About Disney World Bathrooms”

  1. All true. I feel sorry for the women at Disney World. It always seems to be a line to use their restrooms. One time I was in the men’s restroom washing my hands when a mother rushed into the men’s restroom with her young daughter who really had to pee. She went straight to an open stall and closed the door. They came out of the stall and washed their hands. The little girl had that look, “Am I supposed to be in here?” LOL! Not a single man in there said anything which was nice. Everyone just went about their business. Every guy in there knew the situation and didn’t think anything about it. I’m proud of that mother for thinking about her daughter as well as the possibility of wet underwear.

  2. Just a tip, the term “handicapped” isn’t really the norm anymore! A lot of disabled people(myself included) use “accessible” or just “disabled” to refer to things like bathrooms, parking, etc. Some disabled people have no problem with the term “handicap” I just know that a lot prefer “accessible”! <3

  3. I have MS and use a scooter. If I need to go… I really need to go! It is frustrating when the handicapped stall is being used by two or three little girls as a playroom
    No matter what you think of your kids they are not a handicap!