“No Thanks, I’ll Walk.” The Internet HATES Southwest Airlines’ New Seating

Traveling can be super stressful, not to mention very uncomfortable if you’re on a longer flight.

Southwest Airlines

We have lots of tips to help you stay as comfortable as possible on board, as well as make sure your travel day goes as smoothly as it can, but that’s going to be hard if the seat you’re sitting on isn’t comfortable at all. That’s what the Internet thinks about Southwest’s new planes — yeah, it’s not good.

Southwest recently released a video and photos introducing their new planes coming in 2025. According to USA Today, the airline looked at “perceptions of color, comfort, and their aspirations for the overall onboard experience” while designing the new planes.


New fit check! 💯 Introducing our updated cabin design and new seats! You can catch this interior on new aircraft deliveries beginning next year. Not to mention our ongoing rollout of adding bigger overhead bins and in-seat power ports to our current planes!

♬ Originalton – CENKGO

These new planes will feature new seats designed by RECARO, who specializes in…motorsport racing and gaming seats? They’ll have a multi-adjustable headrest and are “intuitively designed seat(s) for ultimate comfort while maximizing seat width and overall support.”


The back of the seats will also feature personal electronic device holders, as well as USB-A and USB-C ports to charge your devices.


And lastly, there will be larger overhead bins to fit more luggage!


So what does the Internet think about this? Well, they hate it. A lot. Many customers are now planning to book with other airlines due to how uncomfortable the seats look, asking the airline if they REALLY tested these seats on a focus group.


One commenter, @harleytheterrible on TikTok, even went as far as to say, “No thanks, I’ll walk.” We still have about a year to wait until these airplanes are released to fly with the public onboard, and we’ll be eagerly awaiting to hear people’s reactions to them. As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest news!

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5 Replies to ““No Thanks, I’ll Walk.” The Internet HATES Southwest Airlines’ New Seating”

  1. “Today, according to Recaro, over 70 top soccer teams—including Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, Debreceni Vasutas SC and Ferencváros Budapest—sit on Recaro bucket seats.

    As for the reasons why, Recaro’s spokesperson put it simply: “[The] seats are very comfortable and often supplied with a seat heating for the winter. And [they] look great.””

  2. I trust Recaro seats. They’ve been doing it right for many years and they know how to make a human body more comfortable while seating. They may look uncomfortable, but until you sit in them, you’ll never know. I have Recaro in my MR2 Spyder and in my home office. My body used to ache from other seats and chair, but no longer.

  3. Lotta hate for these from people who haven’t even sat in them.

    These are not the cheap seats found on spirit. They’re actually quite comfortable. And Southwest’s seat pitch isn’t changing – same 32” it’s always been. And thinner seats mean more knee room.

  4. Bunch of whiners, stumbling all over themselves trying to be the first to whine about something that’s perfectly fine. Let’s call em fine whiners.

  5. The seats are thinner and lighter, thus better fuel economy. They have your money once you’re in the seat. All about the profit.