Something NEW (and COLORFUL) Has Arrived at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Disney World!

We have more updates on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Disney World!

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom closed almost a year ago, and construction has been running since that time to bring us the new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. We have been keeping close tabs on the progress being made and recently, we noticed a fun new update — but you have to squint your eyes a little to see it!

In the new ride, we’ll get to follow along with Tiana and her friends in a story that picks up right where the movie leaves off. 

It will still be a log flume ride!

Recently, Disney fans noticed a potential new Splash Mountain Easter egg at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. We’re still not so sure, but let us know your thoughts! But now, we have seen some new (small) details that are lining part of the interior of the attraction!

There’s something new at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure!

If we zoom in a bit, you can see, at the entrance to the opening where the big drop begins, there are some colorful lanterns!

NEW lanterns!!

The model created for the ride shows the lanterns, as well. So we can see that things are continuing to go as planned!

The model for the ride shows them here!

These lanterns are reminiscent of what you might have seen in the movie at Mama Odie’s house! Mama Odie lives in a big willow tree with lanterns, similar to these, up in the branches. Disney shared a look at this in the concept art for the ride, too.


They’re very cute, and we can’t wait to see how they play into the ride and storyline. We do know that Mama Odie will joke along with guests as you go through their journey. We’re eager to find out more when this ride will officially be opening!

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Go Inside the NEW Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Ride at Disney World!

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What do you think we’ll see as we climb the big hill on the new ride? Let us know in the comments!

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