Is Big Thunder Mountain Scary? How Fast Is It?

Planning what Disney rides are at the top of your must-do list can be pretty difficult.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

For some, it may be because there’s so much to experience in so little time, but for others, it may be because some rides may be too scary for them or others in their party. One of these questionable rides is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Magic Kingdom. Is it really scary? How fast does it go, and will it be too much? We’ve got all the answers right here.

About The Ride

First, let’s get you familiar with the ride itself. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad does have a height requirement of 40 inches (102 centimeters). It does offer rider switch, so riders who aren’t tall enough or don’t want to ride can wait outside the queue with an adult (learn all about rider switch here).

Big Thunder Mountain Entrance

While you can get a Lightning Lane to bypass the crowd, there is no single rider line. Your trip on the “wildest ride in the wilderness” will be around 3 minutes long and has a top speed of 35 mph. It does NOT go upside down, and if you’re looking for a different, potentially more intense ride, we suggest riding at night!

Here we go!

But now the real question — is it scary?

Is it Scary?

This depends on your definition of scary. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is pretty loud, quite fast, and more than a little bumpy.

It’s a (fun) wild ride!

The ride also has tight turns, dips, and bumps, as well as 2 big drops. So if you’re not a fan of that weightless/stomach-dropping feeling, or if you don’t want to be shaken around as you fly through the wilderness, this ride may not be for you.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Line

For those that are willing to take on riding one of the three Magic Kingdom mountains and enjoy fast rides, we think this ride will be a great fit. If you’re looking for more tips to help plan your must-ride list, check out our updated list of the best and worst rides in all of Disney World. As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

Where Is Big Thunder Mountain? Which Disney Parks Have One?

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Where does Big Thunder Mountain fall on your must-ride list? Tell us in the comments below!

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