Everything That’s CHANGED in Disney World Since Splash Mountain CLOSED

It’s the end of an era at Disney World.

Things Are Getting Started

Splash Mountain is officially CLOSED in Magic Kingdom, and work is already starting to transform this ride into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Yesterday was the ride’s last day as Splash Mountain, and there were a TON of people visiting the park to bid farewell to this popular water ride. The attraction officially closed on January 23rd, and Disney has wasted no time getting the transformation started!

Come with us to see everything that’s CHANGED in Magic Kingdom since Splash Mountain closed in Disney World.

Construction Walls

The biggest change you’ll notice in Magic  Kingdom is at Splash Mountain itself. The ride now has construction walls up all around it, many of which are stamped with the Southern Dome Salt Company logo.

Well That Was Fast!

We even spotted some Cast Members inside, already getting started on the transformation.

Wasting No Time!

The water is being drained now, slowly but surely.

Things Are Really Getting Started

The entrance and gift shop are blocked off by walls as well.


Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is slated to open in late 2024, so Disney is on a tight schedule to get work started ASAP.

Magic Kingdom Park Map

There were new Magic Kingdom park maps available today, which have been updated to reflect Splash Mountain’s closure.

Coming in 2024!

In place of Splash Mountain, you can now see the logo for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure along with the update that it’ll open in 2024!

Walt Disney World Railroad Narration

If you take a ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad around Magic Kingdom, you’ll get to learn all about the attractions and rides in this park. When you pass by Splash Mountain, you might notice that the narration for this section of the journey has changed.

Walt Disney World Railroad

Instead of telling you about Splash Mountain, the narrator along this stretch of the tracks says, “On a more musical note, just ahead I heard some new critters are moving in and looking to make a splash. Take a listen — we’re almost there.” Get it? Almost there? Like the song in Princess and the Frog? Ya, you get it. 😉

Liberty Square Riverboat Narration

Narration has also changed on the Liberty Square Riverboat. This boat, which takes guests on a tour along the Rivers of America, used to give some information about Splash Mountain, but that narration has now been removed.

Liberty Square Riverboat

For now, the section of the ride that used to be about Splash Mountain simply has no narration at all, but we’ll be watching to see if Disney updates it with information about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

And that’s everything that’s changed in Magic Kingdom since Splash Mountain’s closure! It hasn’t been long, and Disney is racing into this ride transformation. If progress like this keeps up, it looks like the new ride will be ready to go right on schedule!

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2 Replies to “Everything That’s CHANGED in Disney World Since Splash Mountain CLOSED”

    1. I’m actually really sad about everything in Disney becoming so overbranded. There is nothing unique anymore. Every gift shop sells the same stuff, and everything has the logo of a Disney ride or character. The stuff in Pirates is really lame now, and all the fun little side kiosks are gone or empty. I wish they’d bring back the more interesting stuff they used to have, for example, little brass genie lanterns near the Aladdin ride (that did NOT say Aladdin on them), colorful felt flower necklaces in Animal Kingdom (that were NOT logoed in any way.) Stop getting so commercial, Disney. Even my kids were bummed.