Rise of the Resistance Is CLOSED in Disney World, After Showing a 7 HOUR Wait

UPDATE: Rise of the Resistance later reopened. At around 2:35PM ET on October 14th it appeared to have a 105-minute standby wait time according to the Disney World app.

7 hours. That is how long you’d need to be prepared to wait in one Disney World line today. And no, that’s not a joke. 😳


We’ve seen wait times at Disney World get incredibly high — from 200 minutes to 300 minutes and beyond. But on October 14th, we saw a wait time that might truly SHOCK some people out there.

At around 11:30AM ET on October 14th, we took a look at the Disney World wait times and saw that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (the incredibly popular ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios) was listed at a 420-minute (!!) standby wait time. No, that’s not a joke — 420 MINUTES FOLKS. That is 7 HOURS.


Sometimes rides can experience extremely long wait times when there are a lot of other rides closed in the same park, causing guests to have to funnel to whatever other rides are open.

But, at the time we looked, it didn’t appear that too many other experiences were temporarily closed.


Other rides in the parks had longer wait times, over 100 minutes, but none came even close to Rise of the Resistance.


It could be that a technical issue caused the long wait time to appear initially, because shortly thereafter Rise of the Resistance temporarily CLOSED.

It’s not clear when the ride will reopen, but we’ll keep an eye out for updates.


Temporary closures can happen in Disney World, and it’s important to be prepared for them. Be sure to check the My Disney Experience app often for updates, speak with Cast Members in the area to see if they have any specific information, and prepare your family for potential closures by coming up with a plan B (and maybe plans C and D too, just in case!).

Also, make sure you allow the My Disney Experience app to send you notifications — that’ll allow you receive any push notifications if/when sent. And try to build flexibility into your schedule. That way, if a ride shuts down and remained closed all day, you’ll have an extra day or even half-day planned at that park, giving you a second chance to potentially hop on the ride.

Rise of the Resistance

We’ll keep an eye out for more updates and let you know what we find.

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How long would you be willing to wait for Rise of the Resistance in Disney World? Tell us in the comments.

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5 Replies to “Rise of the Resistance Is CLOSED in Disney World, After Showing a 7 HOUR Wait”

  1. We were there on 10/14 and my son has a DAS – we had an anytime after 11:05 return time for RoR. We arrived for our 10:05 at Oga’s and I was checking the app as we’ve had the ride close on return window in the past and sure enough, same thing again. The “temporarily closed” status didn’t last long though and we were able to get on at 11:05, so not sure exactly what happened. Had to be a technical glitch though, if wait was truly that long the number of folks in line would have made it fairly obvious.

    RoR has been our #1 ride at WDW since it opened, however we were able to get Cosmic Rewind at Epcot the next day. And while we are huge star wars fans, cosmic rewind is in our opinion the best ride in the park now.

  2. Disney has gone downhill since we last went and we surely won’t be going again,prices for food,drinks,and parking are astronomical and most of the new rides are rubbish including the star wars ones.

  3. I wouldn’t, not a very good ride unless you are a stars wars nerd! Not thrilling, disjointed. Of course, I
    suppose people should ride it once to experience it for themselves, but waiting for 7 hrs in my opinion is not worth it unless as said you are a real Star Wars fan?

  4. We once got to animal kingdom during the afternoon and saw a 340 minute wait time on the flight of passage one and figured we’d walk in and see since we had no real plans. There’s no way that could be right. Wife was already complaining she wasn’t waiting 5 hours for anything much less a 5 minute ride. So we walked in and walked all the way up to the front, only stopping to let a party of 4 with fast pass, or whatever it’s called today, cut in front of us from their queue. It was the weirdest thing ever. Only thing in could figure is someone messed up the wait times and it was scaring everyone away and that’s why it was completely empty.