Interacting With the 50th Anniversary Statues in Disney World Just Got Spookier…

Boo! Did we scare you?

Such a Cutie

It’s October, so Disney World is pulling out all the stops — a spooky hunt, continued parties, merchandise, and more. And over in EPCOT and Magic Kingdom, you’ll find the statues have a haunting surprise!

Some of the 50th Anniversary statues in Disney World have gotten a Halloween-inspired makeover. Figment plays a spooky tune when you’re next to him with a MagicBand+. Check it out!

But he’s not alone — the Olaf statue…

Spooky Olaf!

…and the Pua and Hei Hei statue also received some Halloween sounds!

Pua and Hei Hei statue

We also noticed the Fab Five statues had a spooky overlay as well! Daisy was telling guests “Happy Halloween”…

50th Anniversary Fab 50 Character Statue

…as well as Chip & Dale!

Chip ‘n Dale 50th Anniversary Statue in Disney World

Donald was excited about the treats this Halloween season!

Donald and Daisy!

Mickey told a joke about skeletons — “Do you know why the skeleton didn’t go to the Halloween party? Because he had no BODY to go with!” You can always count on Mickey for a cute joke!

Mickey and Minnie Golden Statues in Magic Kingdom

So get some more Halloween fun in by interacting with these statues! For more Halloween info, check out the pumpkin scavenger hunt in the park. Or take a look at the spooky merch you can get online.

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Have you interacted with these Halloween statues yet? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Interacting With the 50th Anniversary Statues in Disney World Just Got Spookier…”

  1. I always liked the human statues that you would come across in places like France in Epcot. You lose the human touch when you replace that with automated lawn statues.