Check Out ALL of the Merchandise for EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary!

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The past year has been full of Disney anniversaries. We’ve been celebrating Disney World’s 50th Anniversary and Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary.

Cinderella Castle

But you guys, we’re not done yet. That’s right, EPCOT is also celebrating its 40th Anniversary. And yes, there’s a ton of merchandise to honor the occasion. So let’s take a look at all everything that’s arrived at EPCOT for the celebration!


There’s a ton of clothing for the celebration! You can grab the Blue Tie Hoodie for $59.99. It has the anniversary’s logo on the front.

Blue Sweatshirt

It also has Figment on the back!

Hi, Figment!

Speaking of Figment, there’s a Figment Shirt for $24.99. It features the iconic character with a rainbow outline.

Figment Shirt

The white Figment Shirt showcases various EPCOT logos around him. You can grab it for $29.99.

White Figment Shirt

For some general designs, you can grab the EPCOT 40th Anniversary Shirt for $29.99

Gray Shirt

…the red 40th Anniversary Shirt for $29.99 with the logo on the front…

Red Shirt

…and a larger anniversary logo displayed on the back…

Back of Shirt

…the Baseball Shirt for $39.99

Baseball Tee

…and the blue EPCOT Shirt for $24.99.

Blue Shirt

You can get the blue shirt online here.

Click here to buy the 40th Anniversary Blue Shirt

If you’re an Annual Passholder, there’s the Passholder Shirt for $34.99. It says “Passholder” and shows Figment in various poses!


Or you can grab the EPCOT Button-Up for $59.99. It has the anniversary logo on the pocket and rainbow geometric designs on the bottom.


You can get it online here.

Click here to buy the EPCOT Button-Up

You can also grab an EPCOT 40th Anniversary Spirit Jersey for $74.99. It has the logo on the front with EPCOT’s various symbols on the sleeves…

Spirit Jersey

And “EPCOT 40: Celebrating 40 Years of Imagination” on the back.


You can also buy it online here.

Click here to buy the EPCOT 40th Anniversary Spirit Jersey

And there’s also the EPCOT 40th Jacket for $52.99. And you can get it online!


You can buy it online here.

Click here to buy the EPCOT 40th Jacket

Pins, Accessories, and Toys

Each World Showcase Pavilion has its own EPCOT 40th Anniversary Pin! Each pin comes in at $17.99. The Canada Pavilion Pin features Chip ‘n’ Dale watching a dazzling fireworks display.

Canada Pin

The China Pavilion Pin shows Mushu pointing up at the fireworks.

China Pin

Goofy is featured in the Germany Pavilion Pin, where he’s celebrating with the show.

Germany Pin

The Japan Pavilion has Stitch watching the show from inside of the pavilion.

Japan Pin

Abu is flying on the Magic Carpet in the Morocco Pin!

Morocco Pin

The American Adventure Pin has Minnie and Mickey holding hands.

American Adventure Pin

Pinocchio is enjoying the nighttime show like a “real boy” on the Italy Pavilion Pin!

Italy Pin

Furry pals, Tigger and Eeyore, watch the show from inside United Kingdom Pavilion on the pavilion’s pin.

UK Pin

Of course, Remy is the star of the France Pavilion Pin!

France Pin

Miguel and Dante are adding some music to the celebration on the Mexico Pavilion Pin. 

Mexico Pin

And melt your heart with the Norway Pavilion Pin, which features Olaf!

Norway Pin

There are also a ton of pins, like the Figment Passholder Pin for $17.99.

Passholder Pin

Or, you can grab the Rainbow Figment Pin for $17.99.

Figment Pin

And there’s a 40th Anniversary Dangle Pin for $17.99. 

Dangle Pin

Or you can get some hinge pins. The front has a silver cover featuring one of EPCOT’s logos.

Each cover has an EPCOT symbol

While the inside features various attractions, like Journey Into Imagination…

Journey into Imagination



…and World of Motion. Each pin is $19.99.

World of Motion

And, if you’re ready for a bit of a surprise, you can grab the Mystery Box for $24.99. 

Mystery Box

And, to display all of those pins, you can grab the EPCOT 40th Anniversary Pin Display Banner for $29.99. It feature’s the anniversary logo, and has plenty of room for all of your celebratory pins.

Pin Banner

For your bag, you can grab the 40th Anniversary Keychain for $14.99.


They also have a 40th Anniversary MagicBand+ for $54.99.


You can buy it online here.

Click here to buy the MagicBand+ online

There’s an EPCOT 40th Anniversary Pandora Charm that features Figment!

Pandora Charm

There’s also a Figment Alex & Ani Bracelet for $49.99. It showcases Figment in front of the EPCOT logo.


You can buy it online here.

Click here to buy the Figment Alex & Ani Bracelet

There’s also a 40th Anniversary Hat for $34.99.


Loungefly also released new items for the celebration, like the Backpack for $85 (available online)…


…and the Wallet for $50.


You can buy the wallet online here.

Click here to buy the Backpack or click here to buy the Wallet

Home Goods and Toys

To hold your drink, you can grab the Corkcicle Bottle…

Corkcicle Bottle

…or the 40th Anniversary Tumbler for $27.99.

Silver Tumbler

You can also display the 40th Anniversary Plaque for $115. It’s a gold plaque commemorating the milestone, featuring Figment.

Gold Plaque

Or you can grab the Figment Plaque for $34.99.


There’s also a Figment Plush for $26.99.


You can buy it online here.

Click here to buy the Figment Plush

And those are all of the items we’ve seen for EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary so far! For more merchandise, check out all of the 50th Anniversary merchandise you can find online. Or check out some of the Halloween merchandise you can find in Disney World. 

And, as, always, stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Disney news!

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