PHOTOS: Is Disney World Getting MORE Crowded? Here’s What We’re Seeing.

We’re only a week away from Memorial Day weekend AND the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT, so you know what that means…CROWDS!

One week away from opening!

While it seemed like there wouldn’t be any “slow” season in Disney World in early 2022, the crowds have thinned out a bit over the past few weeks leading up to the summer. But, with schools starting to let out, it’s already starting to pick up — but, what exactly does that mean for your trip? Here’s a look at the crowds during our day in Disney World!

When we first arrived this morning at the Ticket & Transportation Center to get to Magic Kingdom, there was already a pretty large group of people headed to catch the MonorailBut, still, the lineup wasn’t nearly as bad as we’ve seen during some of Disney World’s busiest times of the year.

Ticket & Transportation Center

And, once we were in the park, it was still a bit busier than we’ve been seeing. For example, over in Adventureland, we had to dodge quite a few crowds of people moving through the land.

Adventureland Crowds

Wait times were all over the place, though. While “it’s a small world” was only around a 20-minute wait time for most of the day, the line for Jungle Cruise was 70+ minutes whenever we checked.

Jungle Cruise

We also stopped by EPCOT to check out the new summer menu at the Farmers Feast Flower & Garden Festival booth and we could see the increase in crowds before we even got into the park!

EPCOT crowds

Once inside the park, we saw decent lines for food, like this one at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. Granted, we’ve seen longer waits here, but we expect it to be a LOT longer next weekend.

Line at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

Over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there were even more crowds heading to the main gate to get in.

Crowds at Animal Kingdom

There were spots in Animal Kingdom that felt VERY crowded, and we can’t imagine what next weekend might look like.

Lots of people here

So it does seem like we’re slowly starting to see more people at Disney World, but we’ll be keeping an eye on the crowds this week leading up to the big three-day weekend.

These busier seasons can be a good time to consider purchasing Genie+ or Individual Attraction Selections to help ensure that you can ride some of the most popular rides without long waits. But, you’ll want to be sure that you know how to use Genie+ because…well…it’s pretty confusing!


We’ve got you covered, though! Check out all the big things you should know about Genie+ before your trip in our posts below:

And, stay tuned to AllEars for more of the latest Disney news and updates!

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Have you been to Disney World recently? What were crowds like during your trip? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “PHOTOS: Is Disney World Getting MORE Crowded? Here’s What We’re Seeing.”

  1. As I posted elsewhere, more crowded than when? Other times this year? Last year? Two years ago? Five years ago. I imagine you don’t have all that data, but you seem to have it for at least the past couple of years. We would have a better idea and be better able to plan if Disney released attendance figures. They claim to want to try and control the crowd size and to spread attendance around to lower the wait times. Well the #1 way they could do that is by telling people what the attendance is on particular days so you could decide when to visit. Seems like with all the stuff Disney has done to make the experience less guest friendly, this is the least they could do. Not sure WHY it’s such a big secret. Seems to me if the total visitors in a year is X and they reveal attendance each day and the crowds are more evenly spread out still with X total visitors, people would be more relaxed and have more time, would spend more money on food and souvenirs, and be happier. As opposed to being frustrated and angry. And wondering if it is worth the hassle.

    1. I can understand not releasing business data such as actual numbers but it would be very helpful to provide color coded calendars that show the current sales for each day. Granted, a day that might be less crowded right now could easily become totally crowded in 3 months, but it would at least give me a chance to pick the current less crowded dates over dates that are already known to be nearing full capacity. Disney could also benefit from this calendar by helping to entice customers to “level out” the crowds. Covid has obviously threw a monkey wrench in the old crowd calendars. Until people get the urge to travel sated after Covid shutdowns, it’s anybody’s guess what crowds will be like. Just look at this past January for proof of that.