VIDEO: You Won’t Believe the Talent from the Citizens of Batuu in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We all know that great Cast Members are what make Walt Disney World go ’round, but sometimes they really go above and beyond to make our days in the park a little extra magical.

Cast Member Coral, with his Porg Porgson Krennic

Today we want to introduce you all to custodial Cast Member Coral and Porgson Krennic, the musical duo playing for their supper in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

It isn’t all fun and games in Galaxy’s Edge, and Coral filled us in on how he has to work for Oga to pay off what he owes her!

Porgson Krennic is no slacker – he’s here to help clean up

Luckily for Coral he’s got his Porg, Porgson Krennic to keep him company and help him get through those long days working off his debt.

Now that right there is the face of a hard-working guy!

He took a break from work to show off his skills on his Kloo Horn. He played us a few tunes, including the Star Wars theme song AND the Muppet Show theme. Watch the video below to get a taste of his talent!

Is there anything this guy CAN’T do? Maybe once his debt to Oga is paid he can go on tour! Stay tuned to AllEars to keep up with all the latest Disney News — including a look at some of the very talented Cast Members!

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