Can You Really Eat at Walt Disney World For Under $30 A Day?

Your dining budget can quickly add up to one of the priciest line items on your Walt Disney World vacation bill. With most Quick Service meals running on average $10 to $15, it’s difficult to dine on less than $25 to $30 a day per person, and it’s real easy to dine on way more than that.

There’s plenty of fancy steak dishes to be had at Disney World…but at what cost?

If you want to stay on the low, low end of the scale when it comes to dining, we have a few tips to help you cut corners and save so you can spend your hard-earned dollars on another night at your hotel (perhaps at a higher-level hotel), plane tickets, park tickets, or maybe toward your next vacation!

Skip It

First, consider “skipping” a meal. Rather than planning all three standard meals in one day, try to eat a late breakfast or an early lunch, then eat dinner later in the day. By skipping one meal, you’ll save about a third of what you would have spent otherwise. (Remember that breakfast tends to be the least expensive meal of the day, so you can save even more if you make that your “brunch”. )

Triple Suns Breakfast Wrap is a great way to start the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Make It Quick

When it comes to picking where you want to eat in Disney World, try to stick to snack and Quick Service locations. That doesn’t mean you should never dine at a Table Service restaurant, but keep those as special treats during your vacation instead of the norm.

Some of the food at counter service locations like Satu’li Canteen rivals what you’d find at Table Service restaurants!

Let’s Split

When you dine, consider sharing meals or larger-portion snacks with a friend. Some of those meals and snacks can actually be pretty large, and if you know you and your travel buddy are light eaters, you can easily split an entree and be satisfied for the afternoon.

The charcuterie from Baseline Tap House is a great snack to split!

Relive Your Childhood

Also consider ordering a kids meal for a lower price. Often, the portion size of a kids meal is sufficient for adults, and it’s a fraction of the price!

Kids chicken strip meal at Pinocchio Village Haus

Card Yourself

If you know that you can’t be trusted to stick to a strict budget, buy yourself a pre-loaded Disney gift card and use that as your dining dollars for the day, or buy one for the entire trip. That way, you know you won’t go “over budget” and can track your spending more carefully.

Gift cards are a great way to track your spending while in the parks!

Penny Pinch

Not all Disney snacks are created equally! Know where to find the ultra-inexpensive snacks, like the $3 baguette at Les Halles in EPCOT.

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

Pack It In

Or, to save even more money, bring your own snacks! Stick to cheaper Quick Service dining locations for your meals, and in between those meals, munch on snacks you bring from home or order for delivery at your hotel room!

Free Water at Magic Kingdom

Finally, don’t forget that there is always free water available to you in the parks. Bottled water can add up quickly in Disney World, so ask for free cups of ice water at Quick Service locations, or bring a refillable water bottle with you to the parks.

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What is your go-to budget tip when it comes to dining at Disney World? Share with us in the comments!

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