AllEars TV: STITCH SPIT: Disney World Challenge

The AllEars team is back with another exciting Ultimate Challenge! Quincy and Melizza are facing off at Disney Springs — which is awkward considering they were teammates at the last battle here!

World of Disney

Will Quincy finally win one? Or does Melizza have this in the bag? Find out in this week’s episode!

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One Reply to “AllEars TV: STITCH SPIT: Disney World Challenge”

  1. I am glad Quincy finally won after her months long losing streak!!!! I have been kind of down the last couple of days!!! My favorite softball team Alabama went to having there best game of the year on Friday to there absolute worst games of the year on Sunday and Monday!!!! They were one win away from making it to the championship game and they completely blew it and got knocked out of the championship!!!! It really sucks!!!! I don’t know how they could play so great for over 20 straight games and then completely fall apart like that at the worst possible time!!!