PHOTOS: Something BIG Was Missing from the Jungle Cruise in Disney World Today!

Quite a few changes are already starting to take place over at the Jungle Cruise as part of the ride’s re-theme.

Jungle Cruise

Not too long ago, Trader Sam was removed from the ride. Recently, we also spotted one detail from the queue area was gone and the wall there had been repainted. As Disney noted, the Jungle Cruise will continue to be open as changes are made to the attraction, so today we stopped by to see if we could spot anything new. And sure enough something BIG from the ride had disappeared!!

One of the Jungle Cruise’s classic scenes is the part where the travelers are being chased up a pole by a very upset looking rhino and some other animals nearby. Here’s a peek at what this scene typically looks like.

Jungle Cruise

And here’s what it looked like today. WOW! Where’s the pole?! Where are the travelers?!

It’s Gone!!

It seems they’ve disappeared into thin air!

The Animals Have Stuck Around But Our Travelers Are Missing!

This shouldn’t necessarily come as a giant surprise though. This particular scene is one of the ones that Disney has specifically identified as a scene that will be changing with the re-theme. Check out the concept art of what this updated scene is meant to look like.

Jungle Cruise Concept Art ©Disney

As part of the changes, the characters being chased up the pole are actually getting their own unique backstories AND a skipper is being added too! 

Click here to meet the new characters coming to Disney’s Jungle Cruise!

Today we also spotted what appeared to be some more netting where Trader Sam used to stand.

Where’d You Go Trader Sam?!

As part of the Jungle Cruise re-theme, Disney is also adding more to the backstory of the ride, with a particular focus on Alberta Falls. Alberta Falls is the granddaughter of Dr. Albert Falls — now where have we heard that name before?!

Meet Alberta Falls, one of the new characters being introduced in the Jungle Cruise reimagining! ©Disney

All you Society of Explorers and Adventurers fans out there are going to love some of the references included in her story.

Click here to read more about the details being added to the Jungle Cruise backstory!

Overall, the re-theme is set to bring a cohesive storyline to the ride.

Jungle Cruise Concept Art ©Disney

Some classic scenes will remain while others will be reimagined, but one thing that’s definitely sticking around are those puns, so don’t you worry about that!

Click here to see everything we know so far about the Jungle Cruise re-theme!

We’ll continue to hop aboard the Jungle Cruise from time to time to see what other changes are being made to the ride. And we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we see and learn more. Stay tuned for all the latest Disney news!

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Are you excited to see the new elements coming to the Jungle Cruise? Tell us in the comments.

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