7 Mistakes You’re Making When Packing for Walt Disney World

Packing for a trip to Disney World can be tricky! You may be unsure about the weather or worried you’ll forget something important. And how many Minnie Mouse Ears are too many

Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle

But here at AllEars, we’ve got years of experience under our belt. So today, we’re sharing what NOT to do when packing for your trip to Disney World — let’s get to it!

1. Forgetting Rain Gear

It rains a lot in Florida, especially in the spring and summer! Always bring some form of rain gear, whether that’s a poncho, umbrella, or raincoat (or a combination of those).

Rainy Day

Pro tip: ponchos can also double as protection on water rides, so you can conquer Splash Mountain with that extra layer. You can buy all this gear in the parks, but they’ll be a lot cheaper outside of Disney World — and you won’t be scrambling to buy one right as it starts raining.

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2. Overpacking

Be careful not to overpack! You’ll want to save lots of space in your luggage for souvenirs. (Check out some packing hacks to keep your souvenirs in one place — here!) Packing minimally can also make decision time easier in the morning when you have to pick what you’re wearing or bringing to the park.

MCO Airport Baggage Claim

Not to mention, a lighter suitcase will make traveling around the airport and to your hotel a lot easier.

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3. Not Bringing an Extra Bag for Souvenirs

Speaking of saving room for souvenirs…it helps to bring an extra bag just for them! Disney does have an option to ship souvenirs back to your house for you, but you’ll save big if you leave extra space for them in your luggage instead.

Save some room in your suitcase for these cuties!

Having a designated bag for souvenirs can also help you put a limit on how much you spend. If it doesn’t fit in the bag, you can’t bring it home!

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4. Not Packing Layers

The Florida weather can be tricky; you could have a really hot day followed by a surprisingly chilly evening. Dress in layers for the parks: you’ll find yourself shedding them in the afternoon and adding them on at night.

Disney Sweatshirts

Make sure you bring a sweatshirt. You’ll probably need it at some point. And it’s so much better to bring your own than be forced to spend $60 on one in the parks because you’re freezing.

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5. Only Bringing One Pair of Shoes

Sure, you want to pack as minimally as possible, but you’ll want to leave space for at least two pairs of shoes. Make sure they’re both extra comfy and broken in because you’ll be doing a LOT of walking.

Native Shoes

If it rains (and like we mentioned, it tends to rain a lot), your shoes will get all soggy, and you may want to swap them out. You also may find that your first pair of shoes wasn’t as comfortable as you thought they’d be for a long day in the parks. It never hurts to have a back-up option.

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6. Only Packing One Mask

According to Disney’s current safety guidelines, face masks are no longer required in most outdoor or indoor locations for vaccinated guests on Disney World property (with the exception of First Aid), but they are still recommended for those who are unvaccinated. We still recommend bringing several different kinds just in case you end up wanting one or mask policies change again while you’re visiting.

Orange Bird face mask

Pack a bunch in your luggage and a couple extra each day in your park bag. This way, you’re also prepared for dropping your mask, getting it soaked on a water ride, or losing it.

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7. Forgetting First Aid

You don’t want to get stuck in Disney World without sunscreen, pain reliever, or bandages! Trust us, we’ve been there. It’s no fun realizing you have a cut, sunburn, or blister in the middle of the day and wishing you’d packed a solution. 

We can feel the heat in this picture!

While most stores in the parks do sell these things, and every park and water park has a First Aid Center, the items you require may be pricier than what you’d spend if you buy them at your grocery store beforehand. Sunscreen is a MUST all year long. Learn more about Disney World’s climate and weather here.

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If you follow these seven tips, you’re on your way to successfully packing for your Disney World vacation! Check out some more of our packing hacks and stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney news.

Don’t Forget These Packing Essentials!

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Do you have any Disney packing tips? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “7 Mistakes You’re Making When Packing for Walt Disney World”

  1. We just got back from WDW (during rollout of Genie+). I can attest that overpacking is an issue. I gave myself more leeway since we did a road trip. I wish I had packed as if we were going on an airplane. And yes, bring ponchos, band aids, foot glide, good/supportive/worn in shoes, sunscreen, a ton of masks and all of
    the other stuff noted above (and the kitchen sink if you have room)!

  2. Socks! Pack several thicknesses of socks so you can adjust as needed. My feet tend to swell a bit the first day or two, so thinner socks are more comfortable with my walking shoes. Also, use cotton or one of the blends that absorb sweat and dampness.

  3. Hi, 4/9/21
    I am fair skinned, so I always am glopped up with sun screen. For me, I always carried around BANDANNA’S. I covered my neck with with it at midday to avoid having that horrible sunburn! 😳
    Then in the late after noon, I dunked my bandanna’s in water to AVOID SUN STROKE. 💦
    Also, drink as much water as you can on hot days. Watermelon 🍉 , grapes 🍇 , cucumber’s 🥒 and celery are GREAT SOURCES OF WATER! 😀
    Stay hydrated on vacation, and be safe.