PHOTOS! Here’s What Our (Rainy) Day in EPCOT Was Like

It’s been quite a stormy adventure today at EPCOT, to say the least! While rain is quite common in Florida, it can always put a ‘damper’ on your plans if you aren’t prepared!

A previous rainy day in EPCOT

But if you ask us, a rainy day at Disney World is a thousand times better than a sunny day anywhere else! So despite the rain, we still had a magical time at EPCOT. Take a look at some of our pics from today!

The rain wasn’t around all day, so we were able to make a couple of stops in the morning before the skies opened up. But once the rain really started to fall once we boarded the Disney Skyliner for some shelter.

All aboard the Disney Skyliner!

You can see the rain droplets on our windows as we looked over the construction progress happening in the France Pavilion!

Current construction happening in the France Pavilion

It’s a good thing we were able to take the Skyliner back to EPCOT in time, because it ended up closing temporarily once we were back in the park! You can see on the walkway just how much it was raining when we snapped this pic!

The Skyliner can close from time to time!

As we were practically swimming through the park, we noticed the crowds seemed to thin out a bit. There was no line whatsoever at this cart by The Land Pavilion.

The Land

It was a good thing we strolled by this outdoor cart, because we discovered that this is another spot to grab an Orange Bird Sipper!

Orange Bird Sipper

It was quite the rainy afternoon in EPCOT! We left a bit soggy, but we were still all smiles (you can totally tell that there is a BIG OL’ SMILE under that mask!).

Hi from EPCOT!

Until next time, EPCOT! Perhaps our next visit will be under sunnier skies, but we’ll take a trip in the rain any day!

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What’s your favorite thing to do in Disney World when it rains? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “PHOTOS! Here’s What Our (Rainy) Day in EPCOT Was Like”

  1. I’m not so sure a rainy Disney day is better than a beautiful blue sky sunny day anywhere else! Wet footwear, clothes and bad hair doesn’t exactly make for a pleasant day. Add attraction closures, soggy Mickey pretzels and wet clothes in air conditioned spaces, it just doesn’t add up to a stellar experience. Brighter, dryer days are on the horizon, Florida! It’s about time.