The BEST Tips for a Rainy Day at Walt Disney World from AllEars Readers!

If you’ve planned a trip to Disney World, you know that timing is one of the most crucial elements because of the finicky Florida weather and tropical climate. One day the sun will be shining so hard you’ll think you’re on its surface; the next, you’re in for a soaking that’ll give Splash Mountain a run for its money.

Florida giveth, and Florida taketh away.

It takes more than a little rain to stop us from experiencing the magic of Disney World, which is why we asked AllEars readers for their best rainy day tips.

Here’s what YOU suggested for those rainy moments in Disney World!

Any Indoor Attraction

Even with the rain pouring outside, there are plenty of attractions that take place entirely indoors where you can grab some respite from the weather. While any indoor attraction will do, there are ways to maximize the time you’re spending inside and out of the elements.

American Adventure Pavilion

If you’re looking to play the waiting game with the weather, try any of the “Over 20 Minutes Club” — attractions like Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom or The American Adventure in EPCOT’s World Showcase.

Grab a Bite to Eat

If we’re going to flock under cover to get away from the rain, we’ll happily use the excuse to chow down on some food. Taking your lunch or dinner to coincide with a downpour is a great way to stay dry, rest your feet, and refuel at the same time (it’s like a trifecta of efficiency).

Columbia Harbour House

While you’re enjoying your meal, you can also begin to plan your next moves, whether that’s heading out of the park early or checking diminishing wait times on your My Disney Experience App.

Grab a Poncho and Power Through

AllEars readers are a strong bunch because almost universally when confronted with the rain, you all would rather grab a poncho and keep going than call it a day.

We’re so proud of you! ©Disney

Some may even say the best time to be in the parks is when it’s raining. If you’re set before you go with Dollar Store ponchos, you can take advantage of lower crowd levels as guests begin filtering out, which means more ride time on all your favorite attractions for you.

Do you have a favorite rainy day memory in Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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