Everything You Need to Know About Wheelchair Rentals in Disney World

For many people, visiting Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From little toddlers to kids at heart, everyone is welcome in Disney World! Disney has a great Disability Services team that helps guests navigate the parks and resorts more easily, so there’s no need to stress if you need special accommodation

Navigating Disney World is challenging!

If you’re planning a trip to the parks, you might be in a situation where you need to rent a wheelchair or ECV/scooter during your stay. There are several options and things to think about, so come with us as we discuss everything you need to know about wheelchair rentals in Disney World! 

There are a couple of different ways you can get ahold of a wheelchair in Disney World. Of course, you can always bring your own wheelchair from home, but if you’re in a situation where that isn’t possible/preferable, you can rent one in Disney World.

You’ve got lots of options!

Disney offers two of their own suggested wheelchair rental methods, but there are several third-party rental companies that you can use, too!

Renting Directly Through Disney World

For guests in need of a wheelchair, Disney provides a wheelchair rental service at all four Disney World parks and water parks, and even Disney Springs.

Disney’s got you covered!

To rent a wheelchair through Disney, the price is $12 per day. If you would like to rent a wheelchair over multiple days, you can purchase a Length of Stay ticket, which drops the price to $10 per day.  Keep in mind that a refundable $100 deposit is required at select locations in Disney World.

Stroller Rental at Epcot

If you decide to purchase a Length of Stay rental, keep in mind that is only transferable between Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

How it Works

There are a few key benefits and drawbacks to renting through Disney World. The good news is that daily rentals are transferable, meaning you only need to pay once for the day to have access to a Disney-owned wheelchair no matter how many parks you visit.

You can pick them up and drop them off at stroller/wheelchair rental locations!

Disney wheelchairs cannot leave the park where you rented them. If you plan of visiting multiple parks in one day, you will need to return your wheelchair to the rental counter, then present your receipt and pick up a new wheelchair at your next location.

Disney typically has lots of wheelchairs available

Don’t forget to hold onto your receipt! It’s the only way to get your deposit back.

Stroller Rental Signage at Epcot from 2020

When returning a wheelchair, note that Disney is very strict about rental return times; you might not get your deposit back if you fail to return the wheelchair on time.

International Gateway Rentals at Epcot

Typically, Disney’s wheelchair rental locations are located near the front entrance of the parks. You can use the My Disney Experience app or check a map for exact locations.

Wheelchair rental in Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios each have one wheelchair rental location, and EPCOT offers two rental locations at each entrance. Note that wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and guests must be 18 years old (with a photo ID) to rent a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Rentals at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

For more information, you can contact Disability Services at (407) 560-2547 or email [email protected].

Click here to visit our wheelchair, ECV, and scooter FAQ page!

Renting Through a Third-Party Service/Bringing Your Own

Guests are also allowed to bring their own wheelchair to Disney World or rent one through a third-party service.

You don’t have to use Disney’s wheelchairs!

Disney recommends their preferred provider, ScooterBug Rentals. This company can deliver your wheelchair to your Disney hotel and does not require a guest to be present at the time of the dropoff. Instead, they will leave your wheelchair with bell services.

Bell Services can help you!

Prices range from $12.50 per day to $13.75 for a 4-day rental through ScooterBug.

©ScooterBug Rentals

If interested, pre-orders and deliveries are available through scooterbug.com/orlando or you can call (800) 726-8284.

Old Key West service desk

Other rental companies, like Buena Vista Rentals, will require a face-to-face meeting to pick up the wheelchair if you are staying in a Disney hotel.

Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort

The prices will range from service to service, so make sure to do your research and compare the prices of those third-party providers! Every family has their own preferences depending on their situation — there’s no one-size-fits-all option.

Wheelchair rentals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We hope this little guide to wheelchair rentals helps you out during your next trip to Disney World!  If you’d preferred a motorized assistance vehicle, we have a whole post on the Electronic Conveyance Vehicles (ECVs) HERE. We’re always sharing planning tips and tricks, so be sure to stay tuned for more!

Read about ECV and stroller rentals in Disney World here

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Have you ever rented a wheelchair at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Everything You Need to Know About Wheelchair Rentals in Disney World”

  1. I’ve used the ECV rentals at Disney World on two trips. The vehicles are excellent, as is service in the event the ECV battery runs down. However, it should be pointed out that it can be a long and difficult trip from parking/drop off areas to the wheelchair/ECV rental areas, especially at Epcot. One visit, I was so exhausted upon reaching the rental area that I was almost ready to return to my resort for a rest. Yes, Scooterbug will deliver a wheelchair or ECV to your DISNEY resort, but many of us do not stay at a Disney resort. Not many rental cars are designed for carrying an ECV, as many rentals do not disassemble easily for storage in a a trunk. This process is not just “pick up a wheelchair/ECV at Disney and go” if you do not have assistance and are not strong enough to walk to the rental area.

  2. Two years ago, I ordered a wheelchair from Scooterbug. It was convenient to have it available in our resort, on WDW transportation, and in the parks. On our vacation last year, I was a few weeks past total hip replacement surgery and was much more mobile. I needed to be able to combine walking, sitting, and standing. I rented a wheelchair at WDW with the length of stay pass. It worked for me, although I did get a few funny looks from other guests when I was pushing my wheelchair.
    I’m very happy that WDW offers this service.