A Fan-Favorite Treat and 4 Other Snacks We Loved in Disney World This Week!

We’re back after another week of eating and drinking our way around Walt Disney World!

Magic Kingdom

Between all the green takeover for St. Patrick’s Day, a returning fan-favorite snack, and some other new sweets we were pretty busy! Plus, we even tried a few snacks for the next holiday on the horizon! So, let’s get to it!

These are the 5 BEST things we ate at Walt Disney World this week!

Shamrock Supreme Donut

We weren’t kidding when we said green took over Disney World snacks this week. Over at Disney Springs, Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew was serving up a Shamrock Supreme Donut. This is a glazed donut that comes with Vanilla IcingShamrock SprinklesLucky Charms Marshmallows, a Rainbow Sour Candy PieceSour Patch CrumblesVanilla Buttercream, and a Chocolate Coin! Just look at that donut decked out for the occasion!

Shamrock Supreme Donut

This GIANT donut was very sweet, but we weren’t complaining! It satisfied our sweet tooth (and then some) and we really liked the added flavor of the rainbow sour candy! It cost $6.50 for just the donut, or you could get a coffee to go with for $12.

Cheeseburger Spring Roll

At Magic Kingdom, we stumbled upon a special surprise — the Spring Roll Cart was BACK for a limited time! This fan-favorite cart had been closed since January but it was reopened to feed the spring break masses! The menu is still the same, serving Pepperoni Pizza Spring Rolls and Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. We stopped by and decided to reunite with the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. And, there was a bonus NEW sauce!

Cheeseburger Spring Roll and Mayo Sauce

The sauce is mayo-based with some added spices and diced pickle pieces and it complemented the Cheeseburger roll really well! It was a lot like dipping into ranch dressing and we’re pretty convinced ranch pairs with anything so it worked! You can order your choice of two rolls for $9.50!

Sour Leprechaun

You didn’t think we were done with the St. Patrick’s Day snack just yet, did you? We headed over to The Wave Lounge in Disney’s Contemporary Resort and found a few new holiday cocktails. Our favorite was the Sour Leprechaun which is made with Jameson, St. Germain, Lemon Juice, and Agave. Not only could you barely taste the alcohol (making it dangerously easy to drink), but it also had a great mix of sweet and tart flavors thanks to the lemon juice and St. Germain.

Emerald Mimosa (left) & Sour Leprechaun (right)

We also tried the Emerald Mimosa which is made with Gruet Sparkling Wine, Blue Curacao, and Orange Juice. There wasn’t much flavor from the Blue Curacoa, so we thought it really just tasted like your average mimosa. Both drinks were $14.

Snacking Sandwich Cookie

And, over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we found THE snack if you’re looking for something salty and sweet. Rosie’s All-American Cafe on Sunset Boulevard now has a Snacking Sandwich Cookie on the menu. It is a thick square of marshmallow sandwiched between two shortbread cookies that have pretzel pieces in them! Then, it’s dipped in chocolate and topped with pretzel and potato chip pieces, and flaky salt.  

Snacking Sandwich Cookie

That is one thick marshmallow smacked between those cookies! It was really the combination of the flavors from the pretzels and marshmallow that made this treat a winner for us. We weren’t all that impressed by the shortbread cookies, but all the other components in the mix made up for the lackluster cookie. You can grab this whopping cookie sandwich for $4.99.

Miniature Bunny Cake

And, lastly, we found one of the first Easter treats already in Disney World over at Gasparilla Island Grill in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. And, after seeing this one, we don’t need any other holiday sweets, we only want this one! The Miniature Bunny Cake is a confetti cake covered with white vanilla frosting and decorated with colorful icing and fondant bunny ears. The ingredients are great and all, but it’s really the decorating that did it for us — just look at that little bunny!

Miniature Bunny Cake

We’re embarrassed to say how many pictures we took of this little cake, but we’re now showing them all off to our family and friends like it’s our newborn baby. The flavor itself is a pretty basic vanilla cake and nothing special, but that decorating IS special and made it worthy of being one of our favorites this week. It is currently available for $7.99.

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Well, it’s another day at Disney World and there’s more snacking to do! We better get back to it! Stay tuned for more Disney news and updates!

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