Who is Walt Disney World for Right Now?

All four of the Walt Disney World theme parks have reopened, but there are definitely some big changes to consider before your next visit.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

Upon reopening, Disney World implemented a number of changes including the suspension of park hopping, parades, fireworks, and character meet-and-greets. Some restaurants, attractions, and experiences are still unavailable, and in the near future, the Park hours will also be scaled back.

With all of these changes, who is Walt Disney World for right now? These are the guests most likely to find a Disney World trip to be “worth it” at the moment.

Annual Passholders

With the current limitations, some guests might question whether it’s worth the cost of admission, as they could get more out of a Disney World vacation at a later date. However, Annual Passholders don’t have to weigh the cost of a daily ticket, since they’ve already made the investment in their Pass.

Annual Passholder Entrance

Granted, Annual Passholders were given the option to request a refund for their Passes — which may have been a tempting offer for some, especially given the high demand for Disney Park Pass reservations which are required for entry. But for Annual Passholders who did decide to keep their Pass, it can be easier to justify a visit to Disney World, since they don’t have to shell out for a daily Park ticket at a time when not all experiences are available. (Of course, we know many Passholders are finding the Disney Park Pass system and the suspension of Park Hoppers to be true deal-breakers for them, so as with all of the entries on this list, we know it won’t apply across the board.)

Florida Residents

Between the reduced travel time and cost, it may also make more sense for Florida residents to visit Disney World at the moment. Especially those who live within driving distance of the World!


Since Florida residents are eligible for discounts on tickets, the daily cost for a day in the Park is less than that of an average guest. It might be difficult for an out-of-state guest to justify spending $100+ per day on a Park ticket, plus the cost of travel and lodging. But since Florida residents can save on tickets while also spending less time and money traveling to Disney World, the price tag for their visit could be “worth it” even with the current restrictions.

Repeat Disney World Guests

If you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney World, now is probably NOT the best time to go. Even if you only have the opportunity to visit once every few years, it may be best to hold off since many fan-favorite experiences like Happily Ever After, Festival of the Lion King, and Fantasmic!, are unavailable.

Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios

But if you typically visit Disney World multiple times a year and know that you’ll be back again soon, the current limitations might not put as much of a damper on your time. If you’ve seen the Festival of Fantasy parade a hundred times and don’t mind checking out something a little different this time around, now could be a great time to experience something new in Disney World. (Plus, lower crowds may hold a huge appeal for you!)

People Who Love the Rides

In addition to the lack of parades and fireworks, most of the stage shows are also currently on hold in Disney World. But the majority of the World’s rides are operating, and since the reopening, wait times have been shorter than pre-closure for the most part. In fact, many super-popular attractions like Flight of Passage and Space Mountain have regularly had waits of 15-minutes or fewer.


If you’re all about the rides when you visit Disney World, you might not notice the lack of other entertainment offerings, and you could walk right on to some of the most popular attractions — something virtually unheard of in a pre-closure World.

The reopening of Disney World definitely brought along some huge changes. While these differences might be deal-breakers for some, a visit to the Parks might still be “worth it” for others!

Who do you think Disney World is for right now? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Who is Walt Disney World for Right Now?”

  1. We visit yearly, so we did go go last week, just to experience the low crowds and enjoy DHS since we haven’t been for a few years. We are ride people, so it was worth it for us do ride everything in MK and DHS.

  2. I have a trip coming up in a few weeks and I am staying on property. I am looking forward to the smaller crowds. I see this visit as another new adventure that hasn’t previously been done. I will miss the fireworks and character meet and greets but am happy about the cavalcades so I can still see the characters and get photos. This is not my first visit. When I lived in Florida, I visited during the Florida discount days. This will be my third visit where i actually on property.

  3. We are annual pass holders who live 6 hours away. So we always stay at resorts. Since we have resort reservations we have never had trouble getting the park pass we want. So for us, the much shorter wait times easily make up for the shorter park hours. We often visit for short trips in fall/winter and a long multi resort trip in summer. We do miss the fireworks and some restaurants, but go often enough that we don’t mind under these circumstances. For now we are going ahead with our fall trips, the AP hotel discount was fantastic. If the shows are not back by next summer, we will definitely be rethinking that trip. So for us we are still quite pleased. I can imagine, if you are local and used to just waking up and deciding to go, you would be frustrated.