Disney CFO Gives Update on Theme Park Capacity and Attendance Levels

It’s a big day in Disney news — the Walt Disney Company’s Q3 Earnings Call!


On Earnings Call days, we get updates on all the numbers for the company, including revenue, profit, and subscriber counts for streaming services. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, we also get an update on theme park operations!

Today, Disney executives shared some updates on how capacity limits are working at the theme parks, particularly at Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Walt Disney Company CFO Christine McCarthy noted that Walt Disney World attendance was at or near daily capacity levels throughout the entirety of the third quarter. Disney World also gradually increased its capacity during those months.

Crowds in EPCOT

For Disneyland Resort, capacity limits were also relaxed slightly after the theme parks reopened, especially after California lifted some state restrictions. At this time, theme park reservation levels for the future remain strong on both coasts.

There were major crowds on the first day out-of-state guests were allowed to visit Disneyland.

McCarthy also noted toward the end of the call that “We will be increasing capacity as we see an increase in demand. It’s an ever-changing landscape with COVID and we’re going to be careful, but we’ll bring back capacity online but in a measured fashion.”

Disney California Adventure at night!

Disney didn’t share any specific numbers for what the capacity limits are currently at, but we can certainly tell that the restrictions have been relaxed based on the crowd levels in the parks. We’ll make sure to keep you updated with any more information from Disney on theme park operations, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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Have you been to a Disney theme park with capacity restrictions?

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6 Replies to “Disney CFO Gives Update on Theme Park Capacity and Attendance Levels”

  1. While a stockholder I am furious at what this new guy has done. As a senior on fixed income our 5 day yearly trips flying from NY are becoming impossible. The prices for everything are just outrageous especially with many restaurants not open, no parades, very little live entertainment. Increase capacity? Florida is a hot bed for Covid cases…it’s not safe…while Disney was trying initially, many things now are lax…but the worst? Alcohol in the parks…for many years everyone managed without it…now? Over the top drunks who start with breakfast…obnoxious on lines…children don’t need to be exposed to this but it’s all about money.

  2. I first went to WDW the first year it was open. The constant price raising while reducing the benefits of staying on property show Iger, Chapek and the rest are only concerned with Wall Street and their own bonuses. We haven’t been in a few years and currently no desire to go back. And, we sail DCL and are DVC members. Plenty of other places to visit.

  3. Mr. Chapek works for the stockholders, not the guests. He has very little interest in families with “average incomes.” Chapek prefers fewer families with much more money. This requires less of the Disney corporation resources by offering select, high end experiences for additional cost. One might say, no need to cater to the “riff-raff.” If you are a stockholder in the 1% category, you may revel in the fact that Mr. Chapek is a money making machine.

  4. I have been going to Disney since 1973. But it’s really over my budget now. A Senior discount would be nice, since seniors can’t stand and wait to ride, rides for hours. Walt’s dream is dead, a place where you can take your children or grandchildren. But who can afford it now. I’m not taking out a loan for Disney. DONE

  5. When they increase park passes they do it at the last minute. Great for a few people who either live nearby or can plan a last minute trip. Sucks for the majority of people trying to plan a trip a few months out. I know Disney is wedded to the park pass system but it’s something like playing roulette watching and waiting for park passes.