We FINALLY Got an Update on the ‘Princess and the Frog’ Re-Theme of Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is one of the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom and in Disneyland.

Look at those empty boats!

Even though SO many guests love this attraction, it has had its fair share of issues including multiple shutdowns for technical difficulties, evacuations, and sinking boats. However, guests are still waiting to learn more about the Princess and the Frog ride overhaul, and we just got an update on the timeline of this re-theme!

It’s been over a year since Disney announced that a Princess and the Frog re-theme would come to both Disney World’s and Disneyland’s Splash Mountain. Since then, we’ve been waiting for an update on when this re-theme would take place, but now we know that we’ll be waiting a WHILE.

Princess and the Theme Re-Theme Concept Art for Splash Mountain

Melissa Valiquette, the Vice President of Magic Kingdom, recently sat down with the Theme Park Rangers podcast and spoke about the status of Splash Mountain. She explained that when Disney reimagines something in the parks, it can be a “lengthy process“. The decisions that go into these projects can take many months or years to make, so it’s going to take quite a bit of time for Splash Mountain to be reimagined!

Splash Mountain

Valiquette did share that work IS going on behind-the-scenes right now. This includes “some selections around music, around animatronics and music, and it is really an inspiring story. ” It is very important to her “that this story gets portrayed honestly and accurately”, and she explained that the team was doing a “remarkable job of that”.


She further explains that “this is one example where our guests are going to have to put a little trust into us for a bit because we promise not to let you down. We’re going to deliver a wonderful attraction that’s inspiring and beautiful, and worthy of this princess, princess Tiana. ”

Splash Mountain Sign

She finished speaking about Splash Mountain by saying that the reimagining will fit in very well with Frontierland. She believes the storyline “will be a perfect addition back there”.

Splash Mountain at night

UPDATE: Anika Noni Rose (voice of Tiana), revealed on an episode of Kelly and Ryan on June 2nd, 2022 that the reimagined attraction is set to open in 2024! She said, “They are making a ride — it’ll be out in 2024.” You can watch some of her interview below.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Disney has not confirmed this timeline and a spokesperson said that “timing has not been determined,” though more will be shared about the ride during New Orlean’s Essence Festival of Culture celebration running from June 30th through July 4th, 2022.

©Disney | Artwork by Sharika Mahdi

So even though there will probably be years before the Splash Mountain reimagining starts, it seems like it is in the works! In the meantime, we’ll continue to check out the Jungle Cruise re-theme (which is already finished over in Disneyland), and we’ll let you know if Disney releases any more details about Splash Mountain!

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When do you think the Princess and the Frog Splash Mountain re-theme will be complete? Let us know in the comments!

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7 Replies to “We FINALLY Got an Update on the ‘Princess and the Frog’ Re-Theme of Splash Mountain”

  1. It sounds like Splash will remain open through the 50th anniversary celebration months. That is a good thing. With all the other (unwelcome) changes, it would be very disappointing to lose Splash at now.

  2. If Splas Mountain gets rethemed in Disney, would that be the start of Disney World’s New Orleans section? Frontierland would seem more appropriate for Pocahontas.

  3. I hope they take forever with this. Princess and the Frog was cute, but doesn’t have the staying power or history Song of the South does. The whole idea of re-theming it is just pandering to certain (albeit well meaning but) overzealous groups. Splash Mountain is perfect as is, with the SOS theme tastefully done. And yes, unlike most people, I’ve actually seen the film from start to finish, and have a degree in American history. Splash Mountain forever!

  4. While I love Splash Mountain the way it is … I am also excited about the changes. I can’t wait for the new ride (but will miss the old).

  5. I have no issue with Princess and the frog. But if Splash Mountain gets re themed, I would go with Pocahontas. Not many mountains in New Orleans. They need to find another place for it.