What Disney DIDN’T Answer During Their Quarterly Earnings Report!

Today’s Quarterly Earnings Call shed some light on Disney’s current financial standings amidst the global pandemic. From a $3.5 billion loss in operating revenue from the park closures worldwide to the official release of Mulan coming to Disney+ in September, we heard a ton of interesting information!

Mickey and Pluto at Garden Grill

But as much as we learned today, there was just as many things that we did NOT glean from today’s call. Here are some things from Disney Parks we STILL don’t have any answers for!

Disneyland’s Reopening

One of the biggest announcements from Disney’s previous Earnings Call was the official reopening of Shanghai Disneyland, the first park to welcome Guests back after the global pandemic forced the closure of Disney Parks worldwide. So, some may have been waiting to hear a major update regarding the status of Disneyland, which has delayed its opening indefinitely.

Disneyland Park Entrance

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a bit longer before we hear any updates concerning the only remaining Disney Park that has yet to reopen (keep in mind that while Hong Kong Disneyland did reopen back in May, it was forced to re-close soon after).

Learn more about Disneyland’s delayed reopening plans here!

Updates on EPCOT’s Transformation

Ahead of EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary in 2022, Disney announced a series of massive transformations coming to the park. Most of these announcements were made at 2019’s D23 Expo. Since the closures, Disney has pulled several of these projects, including the unnamed Mary Poppins-themed attraction in World Showcase as well as the supposed two-year-long closure and refurbishment of Spaceship Earth.

Spaceship Earth

Disney’s $3.5 billion loss from the park closures may have signaled big changes coming to the planned transformation at EPCOT, but no information was provided in today’s call.

Read more about how Disney is already pulling back on EPCOT’s transformation here!

Splash Mountain’s Historic Re-Imagining

Soon before Magic Kingdom reopened, Disney announced that Splash Mountain would be re-imagined in both Disney World and Disneyland to Princess and the Frog. At the time of the announcement, Disney had stated that the original version of the attraction would reopen with the two parks, and that the renovation would begin at a later date.

Splash Mountain

Those listening in to today’s call may have wondered if more information would be provided regarding Splash Mountain, but for now, Disney is keeping us in the dark.

Read more about the massive transformation coming to Splash Mountain here!

Avengers Campus’ Opening Timeline

Because of Disneyland’s continued delay in its reopening, questions have been raised regarding the timing of Avengers Campus opening in Disney California Adventure. Earlier this year during the closures, Disney had quietly updated the Avengers Campus page on their site from the previously announced opening date (July 18th, 2020) to “Coming Soon.

Avengers Campus Concept Art ©Disney

Since no information was provided regarding Disneyland’s opening timeline, we did not get any updates on how this has impacted the opening of Avengers Campus, either.

Learn more about Disney delaying the opening of Avengers Campus here!

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure’s Opening Date

The next anticipated opening in Disney World is Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT. This project was perhaps the furthest along when the parks closed in mid-March, and we had wondered if the attraction’s opening would be impacted, and by how much.

Photo Credit: Disney

While the ride’s “Opening Summer 2020” sign was removed, indicated a delay, we still have no further information regarding an updated opening timeline for the ride and for its accompanying dining location it the France Pavilion, La Crêperie de Paris.

Read more about the supposed delay of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure here!

We will continue to keep you updated with any further developments, along with any additional news regarding these changes coming to the Disney Parks!

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What is YOUR biggest unanswered question from today’s Earnings Call? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “What Disney DIDN’T Answer During Their Quarterly Earnings Report!”

  1. Any project not begun is going to get swept quietly under the rug for the time being, and maybe permanently. That means Spaceship Earth will remain where it is now, and the PC crowd will just have to stomach Splash Mountain as it has always been intended.

    The delay of the Ratatouille does have be a little baffled, though. I thought the ride was planned to be open in April (I could be wrong) and that it was near completion. I would think Disney would want to open it soon just to give park goers something new to be excited about and to drive foot traffic in a park that isn’t reaching the already-reduced capacity.