NEWS: Florida’s Task Force Discusses Potential Health Protocols For the Cruise Line Industry

The Re-Open Florida Task Force, which includes Disney World President Josh D’Amaro, met today to discuss how various industries throughout the state may implement health and safety protocols when the time comes to reopen and resume normal business operations.

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The discussion included the cruise line industry, of which Disney Cruise Line is a key player in the state’s economic recovery efforts.

The importance of the cruise line industry was stressed in today’s meeting, with members of the task force stating that they consider them to be “essential businesses” that they would like to see re-open as soon as possible. However, they also mentioned how crucial it is that everyone does their part to make people feel safe.

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Rick Sasso, President & CEO of MSC Cruises, discussed various protocols that may be put in place in order for both employees and guests to feel safe when they are on board. Those include temperature checks and guest questionnaires upon boarding to see where the guests have travelled recently or if they have any underlying health conditions. This may result in denying boarding of the guest if necessary.

Temperature checks for crew members was also mentioned, as well as isolating people if they become ill once on board.

Sasso mentioned that while there has already been a significant amount of 2021 bookings, they are still not sure when the cruise line industry can reopen. He stressed, however, that “the consumer confidence piece needs to be very present in everything we do. It’s very likely that we will come out of this as a nation healthier and at less risk because of all the things everyone is doing.”

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What do you think of the proposed health and safety protocols when it comes to the cruise line industry? Do you agree with the task force’s remarks on how the cruise line industry is an “essential business”? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “NEWS: Florida’s Task Force Discusses Potential Health Protocols For the Cruise Line Industry”

  1. I have been on ten Disney cruises and have one booked for the end of June. I have no issue with Disney standards for cleanliness and prevention. My big worry is the ports of call. As any one who has cruised before would know many areas that are traveled are far from sanitary on their best days. Following social distancing and hand washing would be non existent. Cleaning of public transportation and gathering areas. Lots of people move through especially when more than one ship is in dock at one time. How do we know what precautions have been taken or followed. I love cruising but really think now is not the safest time. Even one life matters. Why take a chance at this time.