Five Signs You Have Ridden Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Too Many Times

Epcot is a park that honors the progress and cultural value of humanity, and no attraction better exemplifies this than Spaceship Earth.

Spaceship Earth

This slow-moving ride through the ages of humanity is the first one that most guests pass by on their way into the park, and it’s been a staple since 1982. We never miss a chance to ride, so we’ve picked up a few of habits that we think might mean we’ve ridden a few too many times… .

Here are five signs you might have ridden Spaceship Earth too many times.

You Can Quote the Ride Script

Imagine you’ve seen a movie a hundred times. You know exactly when, where, how, and why everything is going to happen. You can even quote the dialog backward and forward. That’s us on Spaceship Earth.

It’s all Greek to us

We love Judi Dench’s narration because she adds that extra bit of gravitas to our adventure through the grand story of communication. That being said, we’ve got that script down pat now.

Advent of radio

When we recite “Like a grand and miraculous spaceship…” at the beginning of our time trip, we know it’s time: we’re in this for the long haul, and we’re going to say every line as if we were the dame herself, all the way to “So here’s to the next 30,000 years on Spaceship Earth.”

You Pose for the On-Ride Photo

As if the quirky end-of-ride animated sequences aren’t fun enough, we’ve got to make it sillier somehow! At the beginning of the ride, the non-Judi Dench narrator pulls your attention to the camera so they can, “[send] the photo to the future.” And we can’t just give a casual smile; we like to full-on pose, knowing the future requires an extra dose of goofball.

This could be you in the future!

We might have smiled seriously the first time we rode Spaceship Earth, but since then, the ride has been a new opportunity for funny faces.

You’ve Seen Your Future…All Your Futures

Why does your silly photo get pulled to the future? At the end of the ride, you find out what your future is going to look like. You may be living in space or the ocean, flying a car or navigating a sub.

Welcome to your future

There are a lot of variations that you can get based on your inputs during the ride. If you’ve ridden Spaceship Earth too many times, you know what combinations to push to get the future you want!

Planning your future

You’ve Dressed as a Spaceship Earth Animatronic for Halloween

Yeah, you’re a hardcore Spaceship Earth aficionado if you even dress up as one of the many ride animatronics for Halloween! Our favorite: this scientist who’s ready to party in bright yellow tights!

Spaceship Earth

You Study Hieroglyphics So You Can Read What’s on the Papyrus

You love Spaceship Earth and you love a good ancient written language. Enter: hieroglyphics study so you can read what’s on the papyrus. Bonus: you randomly say “paPYrus” like Dame Judi just for the fun of it!

Keep pounding that papyrus!

We love Spaceship Earth, and with the attraction scheduled to go down for an update during Epcot’s transformation, we know we better soak in every detail and savor that inspiring narration. Here’s to Spaceship Earth (and, of course, thanks to the Phoenicians!)!

Which Disney Parks attraction have you experienced too many times? Let us know in the comments — and share some reasons why! 

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