Check Out The New “World of Pixar” Collection at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the home of Pixar. From the original Pixar Place to Toy Story Land and Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, our favorite Pixar Pals can find a home here.

You know, ignoring Finding Nemo, Brave, Up, WALL-E, Ratatouille, Coco, A Bugs Life, Inside Out… and what even happened to The Good Dinosaur?

Now, guests can pick up an adorable new collection celebrating their favorite Pixar Movies!

This new collection, which we found at Beverly Sunset Boutique in Hollywood Studios, features stylized versions of your favorite Pixar characters, like Woody, Edna Mode, Joy, and Merida!

A Pixar World! A CG Place for You and Me!

Just take a look at this new shirt!

Look at the cast on this shirt!

Tons of Pixar stars are represented here, though it isn’t inclusive. Flik? Hello? Are you there, buddy?

Maybe he’s just too small to be seen.

There are also more understated designs. This one restricts the pattern to a small corner.

This one features Park Icons like the Tree of Life, so Flik is technically here after all!

While this seemingly normal hoodie…

It looks so… corporate.

…Has Luxo Jr. on the back!

Business in the Front, Party in the Back! It’s the mullet of hoodies.

This hoodie design reminds me of my bedsheets as a kid.

It’s so colorful!

The icons are so colorful and fun!

And a bit chaotic.

While this T-Shirt has a classy design with a touch of Pixar flair.

Is there an echo on this shirt? PIXAR… Pixar… Pixar…

You can grab these new looks at Beverly Sunset Boutique, along with other Pixar merch.

Which Pixar character is your favorite? Why isn’t Arlo on this shirt? Leave us a comment to answer both of these burning questions!

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