5 Improvements Disney World Desperately Needs to Implement

Disney is ever-changing and expanding, but sometimes this means that a few necessary improvements fall through the cracks.

Daytime celebration at Cinderella Castle’s 40th Anniversary

With Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary quickly approaching, we think Disney might want to implement these five overdue improvements.

1. More Shade at Toy Story Land

Many of us head to Florida for the sun, but Toy Story Land tests even the most passionate sun-worshippers. Much like the characters at the end of Toy Story 3, when visiting this land on a hot day, we feel like we are going to melt…literally. There’s not really an excuse for this since Disney had to know that the land was going to be hot, especially during the summer. So where is the shade?

Toy Story Land

Although the land has umbrellas, they are few and far between. My only theory is that since guests are supposed to feel as though they have shrunk down to the size of a toy, trees would make for a dead give away that guests, in fact, have not shrunk at all.

But, with this being said, more umbrellas or awnings would be much appreciated. They are also a very easy and inexpensive improvement that would likely make guest satisfaction increase when they visit the land. This is one case where “throwing some shade” would be welcome! So bring on the umbrellas, Disney!

 2. Updates to My Disney Experience

No matter how many times Disney updates the My Disney Experience app, it always seems to have bugs and glitches. Possibly due to the numbers of people using it, this app is constantly crashing. And no one likes an app that crashes.

Sometimes the My Disney Experience can even make it more difficult to plan a Disney vacation. I mean, when you have been waiting weeks, maybe months, to set up your FastPasses for your upcoming vacation, it is super-frustrating to not be able to get into the app!

My Disney Experience

Also, since the app has had such a great number of updates, the location of certain things on the app has changed multiple times, making it difficult to navigate. Disney needs to fix the glitches and make the app easier to navigate. And once they find something that works, that they need to stick to it!

3. Faster Wi-Fi

With the high volume of guests in the parks these days, we all understand that things can run slow at times. But, that said, sometimes the Wi-Fi in the parks, especially in busy locations or during peak seasons, slows to a crawl, or does not work at all. For example, often during Happily Ever After in the Magic Kingdom, I cannot even send a text or view photos on Instagram.

All Disney needs to do to make us happy is to provide us with Wi-Fi that is easy to connect to and is reliable. Especially when we are sitting waiting for something that draws a large crowd like IllumiNations at the end of the night.

4. Tomorrowland Transformation

Tomorrowland needs some love. Sadly, this land of tomorrow no longer gives us visions of the future. Instead, it gives us flashbacks to the ’80s. The color scheme and overall theming of the land has slowly become outdated instead of futuristic. Although we love Space Mountain… everything else could use a refresh. OK, TRON is coming — that’s exciting. But what about the Speedway? It needs an update. So does the PeopleMover, the Astro Orbiter and, dare we say it?, even the Carousel of Progress. (That doesn’t mean close it — just please, bring it up to date a bit!) Overall, Tomorrowland needs a huge overhaul much like the one Fantasyland received a few years ago.

Entrance to Tomorrowland

5. Do Something with Stitch’s Great Escape

Speaking of Tomorrowland… OK, Disney, you took away one of our cult favorites (Alien Encounter) and replaced it with a ride that is now closed (Stitch’s Great Escape). This attraction never even came close to living up to the ever-so-terrifying Alien Encounter that so many of us loved, and that is probably why it never gained much popularity.

Stitch’s Great Escape

We would love it if Disney would use the space for something much more fun and futuristic. Something that will live up to Alien Encounter…a ride that helps to push Tomorrowland into the future.

These five improvements desperately need to happen and soon, because we aren’t sure if we can survive another summer without shade at Toy Story Land and we are getting tired of never knowing where to go to make reservations on the My Disney Experience App!

What are a few improvements that you think need to be implemented in the parks? Let us know in the comments below!

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31 Replies to “5 Improvements Disney World Desperately Needs to Implement”

  1. I have been advocating for a Tesla-sponsored re-do of Tomorrowland Speedway. Imagine little electric-powered Tesla roadsters that use induction in the roadway for power. And self-driving technology to prevent all those crashes into the center rail or the car in front of you.

    1. …and no more nausea and vomiting from the overwhelming smell of fuel. The minute you step out of Space Mountain it hits you.

  2. I would love to see new products for sale in Epcot World Showcase. I have been going annually for over 20 years and it is the same stuff as then. Also, the toys in the Disney stores could use some kid influence. I guess I am glad it saves my pocketbook, but would love something more imaginative.

    I would say to improve the bus system for opening and closing of the parks. If I stay at a deluxe resort I should not have to wait over an hour for a bus and miss the opening of park when I headed out almost 2 hours early. Plus if sharing bus with another resort sometimes it is full when it gets to you, like Kidani/Jambo.

    I would like more flexibility to dining like at Disneyland. I don’t want to always have to have reservations and be tied to the time.

    I don’t like how Marvel is taking over, but guess it is a money maker. The characters are creepy. I will stick to those with full coverage 😉 I would also like to see more characters out and about and different ones. Not just for the ticketed events.

  3. Get rid of the Fast Passes. All they do is slow down the stand-by line. Everyone gets in the same line and waits the same amount of time. What is so wrong with that?

  4. The first thing I would change is FastPass. There is absolutely no need for FastPass on belted attractions like Peter Pan or Winnie The Pooh. The only time the line needs to stop is for people who need help getting on. FastPass is also not necessary for theaters. Attractions like the Mountains is the only place I would keep FastPass.

    Resort prices also need to be looked at. A reduction of 25% to 35% depending on deluxe, moderate or value is needed. 1 week at a deluxe resort for a family of 4 is more expensive than a beach front home in a family resort town during the summer. The average middle class family will not be able to afford a Disney vacation if price increases continue at the current rate/pace.

    1. Your almost right about FastPass. It needs to be done away with all together. And Disney is no longer interested in the average middle class family unless they are willing to spend above their means. The massive crowds and full hotel rooms are telling Disney they can continue to increase their prices. And they will.

  5. When I think of MK I think of of the kids, times have changed and there are much newer characters to bring to life. Tomorrowland could definitely use a revamp, Wreck-it Ralph would be a great addition as well as Wall-E. Frontier land could benefit from something, there just nothing there, country bear jamboree is old and it shows. Tom Sawyer island has no appeal to me and never has. I love that Disney is adding more kid rides to EPCOT. Disney is a family place and EPCOT can be very educational, but the kids get bored in the countries real fast. They could also add more countries, We go often and while I love them they haven’t changed much. As for HS TSL definitely needs more shade. I wish they would have made a new park for Star Wars, it does not appeal to me at all.

    1. The young ones have enough kiddies rides in the other three parks. Can we please leave at least one park for the grownups and mature kids. And it’s ok for your kid to be bored once in awhile. They’ll survive just fine.

      1. “And it’s ok for your kid to be bored once in a while.” Where exactly is that stated in “Walt’s constitution”?

        1. Its in Article 1. Section 4.a – And I quote, “Kids are not the center of the universe. It’s mother and fathers vacation also.”

          I told my kids that if they wanted to pay for the vacation, I’d go where they wanted and do what they wanted to do. Until then hush up, cause it’s now my day to enjoy the World Showcase. And just be glad I stood in line for 90 minutes just so you could ride Dumbo.

          1. LOL! I concur! Leave one place out of FOUR that is adult friendly. Please. As for the article, I could come up with far more than 5 things Disney needs to improve but it’s nice to see an article that isn’t Disney worshiping and more objective.

  6. As far as Wifi goes, they encourage the whole app thing, as well as all the social media stuff, so yes they should have great Wifi there. However, I’d say while a once a day show is going on, people should watch the show.

    The biggest improvement they need to make is simply to have real imagination again. Everything now is merely an extension of or recreation of a movie. They won’t be making attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion or Expedition Everest again unless there’s a movie tie in.

    The other improvement they should make is to stop lying about wanting to control crowds. That’s an excuse to keep raising prices. They really should do two things: Lower the maximum number of guests allowed in the parks at one time, and the big one, stop advertising. More ads mean more people wanting to go, which means bigger crowds, which means they’ll raise prices again. I’d be shocked if prices didn’t go up again before the StarWars rides open.

  7. I agree with much of the above… Toy Story Land is hot as blazes. Even an air-conditioned store or restaurant would be a welcome respite.
    Okay, here I go… not being a futuristic/Sci-Fi fan, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy etc… seems these themes are taking over much of the world making it lose much of its magic for me and perhaps many others. I wish the designers had thought to make their Sci-Fi Adventures a Land of their own. I know frequenters miss the good old days and all their faves but I think there would have been a better way to combine the needs of future expansion with the desires/interests of all guests. Maybe a little more imagination Imagineers! I’ve always thought combining attractions with more of the Disney stories would create a land of its own. So many to choose from!!! I love some of the newer thrill rides.. Soarin’ being one of my personal favorites! Sometimes it seems it’s over in a flash.. a long wait in line for such a short adventure ride!
    I agree the app needs a lot of improvement. I get so frustrated with trying to navigate quickly and constant crashes.
    I don’t like the tier system. If you only can get 3 passes and those are the things you want to do than I think you should be able to get them if you get online early enough to secure them.
    But, when it comes down to it.. still my favorite vacation spot!!!

  8. Glad they are finally bringing Tron to tomorrowland. I think Wall-E or Wreck it Ralph in place of Stitch would be good.

  9. Stitch needs a new attraction, or go back to the former Alien Encounter (sorry, I loved Disney had an attraction that scared the S outta ppl!) And while i love Monsters Inc.,please a new attraction there too.
    My thoughts for Tomorrowland have always been to embrace the retro/vintage Tomorrowland, going back to a similar look to that of what a lot of us grew up seeing. Forget keeping up with tomorrow, just go back!

    1. I agree with the retro thing because there simply isn’t a vision of what the future is going to look like anymore. I think technology today has just about anything you can think of, and the only way to see the future is to look back….man that’s deep lol. If you’re paying attention, even the movies and tv shows are having to be set back in time before tech took over, in order to make the storylines believable. Otherwise you’d be watching and saying, “why didn’t they just do this? or just do that?” Think, Stranger Things.

  10. 1.Fire every imagineer immediately and hire people that are true to the philosophy of Walt Disney. And yes “I’m playing the Walt Card.” After all it is the highest card in the deck.

    2.Trash the entire FastPass system.

    3. Trash the not so “Free Dining Plan”

    4. Trash all Advanced Dining Reservations. Reservations only after check in and no more than 24 hours in advance. And if you miss your reservation you are blocked from making any more.

    5. Get WDW out of the crooked Timesharing business. “A DVC by any other name is still a sleazy Timeshare.”

      1. No, but once you do buy, they own you, you don’t own them.
        Do you love the new “sleazy” rule just implemented by DVC slashing benefits and availability of properties if you do not buy directly through Disney. Even though they grandfather in those who bought on the resale market prior to 2019, if you ever want to sell your DVC on the resale market, the new owner will be hit with these major loss of benefits and restrictions. This will decimate the resale value of your DVC and make it difficult, if not impossible to sell. This is exactly what “sleazy” timeshare companies do, they get you in then change the rules because they own you.

    1. If you don’t like DVC, don’t buy in to it! Very simple. It’s not a required part of your vacation so you can still go to Disney and not have to deal with DVC in any form.

      1. I don’t like DVC and I dont buy it and I do enjoy my vacation without it. Conversely, If you do not like my analysis of DVC, you do not have to read my posts and you can still enjoy the forum.

  11. I believe the My Disney App problems are a result of the device’s RAM. Older devices only have 1 GB of RAM while newer devices have 2 GB. I speak from experience. On my iPhone 6, the app only seems to open 1 out of 20 attempts, but on the new iPad I purchased just a couple of months ago it never fails to successfully launch the app. Unfortunately the My Disney App isn’t optimized for an iPad so it acts like a magnified phone app.

  12. Though highly unlikely, here are my 5 much needed improvements/additions:
    – Add more countries to the World Showcase. There is room for many more (i believe it was designed to accommodate over 20) And dont add any more “kiddie” attractions to the area. Keep World Showcase about culture, food, drinks, and adult-centric fun.
    – Get rid of Figment and the Nemo Ride at Epcot… they are awful. I love figment the character as much as the next Disney purest… but it’s time for the ride to be retired.
    – Do more with Tom Sawyer Island. There is so much potential for an area that is currently nothing more than a glorified playground right now.(same goes for The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House)
    – Frontierland is in need of something new and fresh! If you arent planning on getting wet then there is little to do back there aside from passing through on your way to or from Adventureland.
    – Improve the Fastpass system. You should be able to get fastpasses for more than 1 park ahead of time. They need to revamp the system so that those who are well prepared can maximize their fastpass experience. There is no reason why we cant get to the point where when you walk in the park you have a set schedule for 6,7,8 or more attractions. Think of the crowd and wait time relief this could provide, especially in the new areas.

    1. Agree with more countries in the World Showcase. That part of Epcot definitely needs something fresh and I don’t mean kiddie rides. I think they missed an opportunity with educational boat rides in Germany (Rhine, Danube, Elbe), France (Seine, Somme), Italy (Venice), etc.

      Figment stays! Nemo is just an older version of the Little Mermaid at the MK. Nemo must go!

      Agree with Tom Sawyer Island. So much missed opportunity there. A themed sit down restaurant, at least one ride (possibly 2). Just seems like a waste of space for the most part.