Favorite Spots to Watch Fireworks

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"Where is your Favorite Place in the Magic Kingdom to Watch Fireworks!"
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It doesn't matter where in the "world" I am to watch the fireworks as long
as I am in the loving arms of my husband enjoying every drop of happiness.
Reality ends and fantasy begins when we are in Disney and we soak it all up! Kristy Schera


While on a tour of MK, we stopped near the area where the Aladdin's Magic Carpets were being built so that our guide could tell us about this new ride. The fireworks began and we had a wonderful view from that location. Even our tour guide admitted that he thought it was a wonderful area to watch from. I'm kind of short and often have trouble seeing over or around people. But the view from Aladdin's area was wonderful! And there were no crowds! Donna Brewer

Castle Area

Our large family's fav spot is in a fenced area within the rose garden just to the left on the bridge leading to Tomorrowland. Tink passes just overhead, the castle is in full view, the fragrance of beautiful roses fills the senses, and the area is large enough for all 8 of us to have a front row view! What more could one ask for in life? Karen ºoº

***** My husband and I like to get to the bridge from the hub to Tomorrowland early and stake out a seat on one of the small benches at the entrance to the walkway that takes you down to the rose garden. There we watch the castle change colors until Tinkerbell flies and then we watch the fireworks. Sue Nelson

***** Our family's favorite spot to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks is right behind cinderella's castle, in front of Cinderella's Golden Carrousel.

My favorite place to watch the fireworks is in the Castle at Cinderella's Royal Table. But if reservations are not available, which is quite often, I like to watch the fireworks in an area around Adventureland. It's normally not very crowded and the fireworks are quite visible. Lane W.

This is an easy one for me! If your standing in front of Cinderella's Castle, you simply turn around and walk back to the small park and, for us it's our very favorite place! The trees are festooned with millions of twinkling lights and, there is some seating there (get there ahead of time!). We usually sit in the center so we don't have to crane our necks back at odd angles. It also may be a figment of our imagination but, it always seems to be cooler amongst the trees!

The reason this is our very special place is…..13 1/2 years ago this was the exact spot my husband chose to propose to me! The fireworks had just started and, we were cuddling close and, then all of the sudden he was down on one knee and, asked me to marry him! It was the most romantic thing that had ever happened to me & the magic of WDW made it even more special! We go back to "our spot" and, watch the fireworks every year for our anniversary and, it is the most romantic and, special time for us! I'm still sitting here smiling away at just the memory of "our place" …….:-) Kimmie~

Main Street

***** We have seen the fireworks from many different places in the Magic Kingdom and my favorite place is up in the train station overlooking Main Street. The view of the lights as you look down Main Street is magnificent. In addition, you have a great view to "people watch" while you are waiting for the fireworks to begin. Susan McKenzie

We plant ourselves on the curb of the circle around the Partners statue about one-third of the way around from the castle on the side that Tinkerbell flies over. It gets a little crowded but we get a great view of Tinkerbell and then can sit and listen to the music while we watch the fireworks. After the show is over, we move to a bench across the sidewalk by the gate and wait for the crowds to herd out before heading out of the park. Vicki in KC

I was eating a late meal at Casey's Hot Dogs, sitting outside up beside the white picket fence when the fireworks began. Talk about totally taken by surprise! This happened to be the last table, right up against the flowers….ducks walked up to stare, eyes begging for food, as the sign told me I shouldn't feed them; Main Street traffic just over the flowers. I sat through all the fireworks, then changing flooded-lights against the castle walls, and watched my fellow parks attendees as they made their way back towards what is now the exit entrance. Wow! Big beginners luck, eh?! Extremely too cool……! Jackie Roisler

I just discovered a new favorite place on our most recent trip. We had just gotten a snack in the reopened Bakery on Main Street when the fireworks began, we stepped off the sidewalk and right into the middle of the street(it was practically EMPTY!). From this vantage point the fireworks seem to just explode right over the castle! We were back in the MK a few nites later and I stood in the same spot and watched the fireworks again and wondered why in 25+ visits I had never thought to watch them from the middle of Main Street! Joan Salem

***** My family's favorite place in the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks is on Main Street Between Casey's and the Ice Cream Parlor, there you can watch Tinkerbell's light go up thru the castle and see her come out and fly down over the crowd. Every time I watch her I get goosebumps!! waltsdream

***** In my opinion, there's no place than standing in the middle of Main Street facing the castle. At this vantage point, you can appreciate the full splendor of the castle changing colors; you can track Tinkerbell on her descent and clearly hear the announcer and the music that accompanies the fireworks display. As you stand there with your family, the realization of how fortunate you are to be where you are at that moment sinks in. APSANTINI

***** My favorite place to watch the fireworks is right there on the greatest and most magical street in the world..Main St. USA! Nothing in my opinion is better than seeing those fireworks and feeling the way I feel standing in the middle of it all! I get choked up just thinking about it! Jennifer Segrave

***** My favorite place to watch the MK fireworks is on the tables outside of the Plaza Restaurant. You can sit down and relax and have a great view of Tinkerbell's flight, the fireworks and the castle. Sue Cole

A MK cast member that clued us into this ideal place. She recommended that we stroll on over to the Crystal Palace about 30 – 60 minutes before the fireworks started and take a seat on one of the benches that line the front of the restaurant off the porch. We sat down about an hour before and took the very last bench on the right side (facing the castle). The view was totally unimpeded by trees or people and the bench was alot more comfortable than the sidewalk. We were steps away from a restroom which was convenient considering the wait and food/snacks were readily accessible from Main Street. The sidewalks may be three deep in people but the park cast members always leave a few openings for traffic. Audrey Catalfamo

I would have to say that our favorite place to watch the WDW fireworks would be on Main Street USA in between the Emporium and the other gift shops. The night my husband proposed (at the All Star Music fountain outside the Jazz Bldg.) we went to the Magic Kingdom to watch the evening parade. After the parade we were walking down Main Street when the fireworks began. This was during the 25th Anniv. celebration. As the music began, Mike put his arms around me from behind then the fireworks started. I began to cry! He turned me around and asked what was wrong. I choked out that I was at my favorite spot in the world with my favorite person in the world on the most special night of my life. He then grinned and kissed me! It was such a magical moment I will never forget it. Annissa Hackney


My favorite place to view the fireworks is while the kids are whirling around for one last time on "Dumbo". They are enjoying the ride, and we are enjoying them enjoy the ride as well as getting to view the most spectacular fireworks! Gregory Cumming

My wife and I enjoy the view of the fireworks in MK from the benches between the Carousel and Pinocchio Village Haus. Ron Murray

We stumbled on our favorite place completely by accident. We had just gotten off the Tea Cups, as the first colored lights filled the sky. Oh my gosh! It was incredible: they burst out almost directly overhead, and there was hardly another soul around! My husband and 2 1/2 year old son couldn't take their eyes off the show above us! We were sitting on the edge of Fantasy Land, almost completely sucked into the show! Kelli in MA

On our last trip, we got a tip to sit at a table outside of Mrs. Potts' Pantry, and the view from there was terrific. The downside – you can't see Tinkerbell, but the view of the fireworks was about the best. Vic Vitek

Our favorite place is to sit right in front of the Legend of the Lion King. We like to sit behind the castle, where it is a little less crowded, and right next to the action. The fireworks are spectacular. When the fireworks are finished, the kids (ages 6 and 7) jump on their favorite rides one last time before bed. Peggy Cox Qualls

Our favorite place now to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom is still in Fantasyland. We usually find an empty bench around the Carousel and make ourselves comfortable and cozy. We can look to the right and see Tinkerbell come out of the castle and then look left and up and see the fireworks exploding over our heads. It is awesome!! Jim and Lee Ann Hazelrigg

My favorite place to watch when I'm too tired to stand (or feeling a bit munchy) is next to the old submarine lagoon in Fantasyland. Right across the way from Mrs. Potts' Kitchen are benches, stools, and tables on which to rest, and Mrs. Potts is convenient to provide that last-hour desert. The firworks sparkle above the lagoon, providing both direct and reflected views. Zazu

Behind the castle in the seats by the old 20,000 Leagues under the Sea attraction. This is the best view with an ice cream stand nearby. This is the most unobstructed and you don't get caught in mad dash down Main Street. There is often time for 1 last Dumbo ride and crowd disperse on Main Street so you can actually stroll and window shop .Lori Stellwag

For a childs first time at watching the fireworks, I like to be between Tommorrowland and the Castle, in an area refered to as Belle's Garden. This is where she has storytime during the day. At this angle you can view TinkerBell coming down and flicking her wand to start the Fireworks. A memorable event for any Child. Suzanne Friedenreich

Our favorite place to watch the fireworks is behind Cinderella's castle. We try to find a spot by Tinkerbell's shop (there are usually places to sit down if you get there early) or right behind the castle. When the fireworks are over, the crowds are rushing down Main Street to get to the busses and boats. We take a leisurely stroll through Tomorrowland and can sometimes catch Buzz Lightyear or Space Mountain one more time.v Darcy Sherburn

Just behind the castle, if you face Dumbo, there's a little food stand with some tables and chairs to your right. It's uncrowded, you can rest your feet and the view is superb. Donna S


Our favorite place to view the fireworks is near the exit of Splash Mountain. Rhonda535

On the sidewalk, cross the street from the Diamond Horseshoe Review! Rick Poch

Although only a fraction of the festivities are to be seen this way, my favorite place to watch Fantasy in the Sky at the Magic Kingdom is from the Splash Mountain attraction. It is truly beautiful on the slow turn around the top of the mountain, with a nearly full view of the castle. The fireworks explode overhead and are reflected in the water ahead of the log. The sounds of the crowds are nearly muted, but the music drifts up through the night air, combining with the attraction's theme song. Another great (but fleeting!) view can be had topping the crest of the final drop, and then a somewhat more obstructed view rounding the bend back into the mountain at ground level. It may not be a "Laughing Place," but it certainly is a magical one! Alan Grimes

***** Our family's favorite place to watch the fireworks is on Splash Mountain. We were fortunate to be on the ride when the fireworks began and just as we were about to go down for the splash, the view of the fireworks was unbelievable. It was a sight we will never forget. Our daughter, age 12, said it was the best part of our vacation! MECMIR

My favorite place for watching the fireworks is a small pier in Frontierland on the walkway that runs along the Rivers of America from Splash Mountain over towards where the riverboat is. We found it quite by accident one night and while it's somewhat remote…we were the only ones there! It was so dark and quiet, it was like having a private viewing! The view is not quite as spectacular as being right in front of the Castle (or a little to the left on the bridge), but this was so intimate, it really did seem like we were the only ones in the park! That was a special night for us. Greg, Jan and Cody Baker

***** Someone once suggested that I see the fireworks while riding Thunder Mt Railroad. This has easily become a favorite viewing for me. It's amazing to come out of one of the caves and view the fireworks seemingly right in front of your face. Then you re enter a cave to come out to another fireworks spectacle. I always recommend this to those who are looking for something special to do! Marianne Potrzeba

My husband had heard about how Tinkerbell flies down from the castle, so he was sure that he had to be near the castle to see it. We had been at the back of the park at the end of the night, and he was running through Frontierland to be sure that he could get to the castle. To our surprise, we had a perfect angle of Tinkerbell as she made her descent down from the top of the castle. We abruptly stopped and stood in awe as we watched. There wasn't even a crowd and we had plenty of breathing room. Next time, we will go back to that spot for the big show. Kristi

I have been reluctant to tell people my favorite spot for watching MK fireworks for fear that it would be overrun and lose it's intimacy. An intimate place to view the fireworks? YES! and not only that, it is perhaps the CLOSEST place you can get to them. Since Disney is all about making friends and sharing experiences, I am going to tell all about this spot. As most of you may know, just as you exit Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, there is a geyser with a small boardwalk around it near the waters of the Rivers of America. Stand near the geyser (not too close or you'll get wet!) and face the large grove of trees over Tom Sawyer's Island right in front of you. When the show begins, the sky will light up with giant hrysanthemums and a loud cacophony of KA-BOOMS! Usually there are very few people around; that and the fact that you are right on top of the display makes it one of the most intimate viewing of fireworks I have ever experienced! Jay Riback

Liberty Square

My favorite spot to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks has to be in Liberty Square outside the gates to the Haunted Mansion. I like to sit on one of those wooden bench blocks that surround the huge trees there, plug my ears, and stare up into the sky with wonder. Kathy Foreman

Our favorite place to watch the fireworks is a little courtyard behind the christmas store in Liberty Square. It's quite and secluded and most times you can sit on the benches there. Cheryl Parabicoli

My favorite places to watch the fireworks are right in front of the Liberty Bell in Liberty Square. Kim Felder

My favorite place to watch the MK fireworks is standing in front of the Liberty Bell in Liberty Square during MVMCP with Deb and the rest of those rowdy radp'ers!! Is there anywhere else??? ;o) Terri Daugherty

Favorite place is from the stocks in Liberty Square. Glaslady

Our favorite place to watch the fireworks – so far – is right outside of the Hall of Presidents, by the Liberty Tavern. My husband and I went to WDW alone in March and stayed for an E-Ride night. There were few people left in Frontierland by then and we grabbed some popcorn and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the wonderful fireworks. SUZANNE

The BEST place to catch them is from the top deck of the ferry! Often the capitan will dock and let you stay on until after they're over! Sue Fuss

I recall a past trip about 17 years ago when I was on the Liberty Belle Steamboat at the time the fireworks were being sent up and I remember thinking that this was an interesting place to watch because you also had the beauty of the reflection of the fireworks on the water as well as the feeling of floating that you get from being on the boat. I'll be coming back to the Magic Kingdom this November with my husband and children so maybe we can try finding another neat spot just as interesting or magical! Deanna Kratz


***** We usually watch from the Plaza Pavilion terrace, but our favorite would have to be closer to the Castle – the spot where I proposed to my (now) wife at midnight, New Year's Eve 1993! (She said "Yes"!) -JoeB

***** We like to find the wire on which Tinkerbell flys and sit exactly under it on the way from the castle to Tommorrowland. Terry Heyward

Our favorite place is behind Alien Encounter! There are little nooks and crannies (sounds like a Thomas' English Muffin!) where nobody can find you and the view is great! Kris Pogue

***** Hands down, it's got to be right under Tink's wire on the patio of Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland. We time it to get there about 45 minutes early so we can grab a good table. Then we use the time to relax and have a snack before ending a great day in the MK with an awesome view of the fireworks, and our daughter LOVES seeing Tinker Bell make her magic flight to start the whole thing off! Beth Foss

My children are 8 and 7 years old. They outrun me day and night in the parks and even the fireworks don't stop them from the next line and the next ride. The best place we ever saw the fireworks was from the top of the Astro Orbiters. We were just finishing the ride when Tinkerbell started her flight (the first time I ever saw Tinkerbell before the fireworks). The cast member allowed us to stand at the rail on the platform where the ride operates, above the crowds and unobstructed! -Claudia from NY

***** Easily the most relaxing place to watch the fireworks in riding around on the TTA. You might not see them all but you do get most of them and the CM's will let you stay on and ride over and over again. Ruth Norman


Note: ToonTown area closed in 2011 to make way for the expanded Fantasyland

I like my fireworks close and loud. As a result, my favorite viewing location is in Mickey's Toontown Fair, right next to the WDW Railroad station. From here it looks like the fireworks are launched from Mickey's backyard, and you'd really want a fireproof hat to get any closer. Check with local cast members to find where to stand so you can see Tinker Bell, too. Zazu

Our favorite location is just in front of Mickey's House across from the Barnstormer. The fireworks originate near that area in the MK and its seldom crowded. Plus, there are plenty of open benches (for exhausted parents) in that part of the park. When the fireworks are completed, we simply hop on the train and head out of the parks (next stop is Main Street). Ed Fisher

During one of our many visits, my wife, my daughter and myself were leaving Toon Town and went into a nearby gift shop. As usual, my wife was taking much too long looking over all of the goodies. Me and my daughter decided to wait outside. Two minutes didn't go by when all of the sudden the first firework burst and lite up the sky. I looked at my watch and sure enough the firework show was right on time. With the Castle in view and just a handful of onlookers, me and my daughter were able to enjoy the show with an unobstructed view. When my wife finished her purchase, she joined us and we all stood there in awe. It turned out that this was the perfect spot to view the fireworks. Later she turned to me and said "I guess you waiting for me paid off." Matt Carle

***** We love to watch the MK fireworks right in front of the County Bounty tent in ToonTown. Most people don't know that the fireworks are set off right behind this tent. We are so close it is unbelieveable. No crowds at all (because everyone thinks they go off behind the castle). If you position yourself just right you can also see Tinkerbell fly. It is wonderful!! Sandra Crawford

Our families favorite place to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks is across from Toontown Hall of Fame (Stand where you can get drinks and fruit). The cast members will even tell you where to look so you can see Tinkerbell at the Castle. Great place for the kids!!!! You can take the Walt Disney World Railroad to the front of the park after the Fireworks. The lines for the Disney characters in Toontown Hall of Fame are short at this time. If you haven't seen Mickey at the Judge's Tent this is the time to go!!! (Only downfall is there is no cast member taking pictures for you to purchase. But the cast member helping Mickey will gladly use your camera for the shot!!).Debbie Majoros, Streetsboro, Ohio

***** The benches in front of Goofy's Brainstormer roller coaster in Toontown Fair. This part of the park is usually quite empty and can be quite pleasant.Teresa Duerr

***** The best spot to see the fireworks is Mickey's Toon Town. There are benches available, with no struggling with crowds as the area was almost empty when we were there. Plus, this is as close as you can get to the fireworks. The only drawback was the fact that they don't dim the lights, so photographing the fireworks wouldn't work too well. Beverly Hissner

Magic Kingdom Bus Depot

Our favorite place to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks is at the bus station for the hotels. We found this to be great for our family because at the time my son was 3 years old and was very scared of the loud noises from the fireworks. But at the bus stop we were able to see them well enough and they were just far enough away not to be too loud for his little ears. He hid his head for the first few but then when he realized they weren't to loud he watched and pointed and smilied for the rest of them. It was so amazing to see his eyes light up with every burst that we took the bus to the Magic Kingdom and just stayed at the bus stop for the next 2 nights we were there. An added bonus is when there over you don't have to fight the crowds and the long lines for the busses. Adina

Seven Seas Lagoon

*****By accident I found a new favorite place from which to watch the MK fireworks… the boat launch that runs between the MK/WLodge/Ft. Wilderness. We were coming back from Fort Wilderness to the MK and as we came around the curve of a building the driver cut the engine down to a quiet background noise and told us to watch, pointing toward our right. Over the "horizon" came the most beautiful explosions of color. It was the most magical way i can imagine to view the fireworks and enjoy the excitement of being there, while relaxing and bobbing along the waters of the World. And the best part is that we didn't have to deal with ANY of the crowds. the others on the launch were just as awed and you could have heard a pin drop as we watched the magic unfold before us. Amy Miles PS… this would also work, and perhaps be more easily timed, watching from the upper deck of the Ferryboat that goes between MK & TTC.

*****Our favorite place to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks is on the boat from Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom. On our last two trips, we attended the 5:30 seating of Hoop-dee-doo. When dinner was over, we caught the boat back to Magic Kingdom. Both times, about half way acoss the lagoon, we were pleasantly surprised when the fireworks started. Our drivers were kind enough to stop the boat and let us watch. The fireworks are awesome, but even more so reflecting off the water and the kids loved not having to cover their ears due the the loud noise of the fireworks. The timing has to be just right, but it is well worth it.renita

My absolute favorite spot is out in the lake lined up with Main Street and sitting on the Disney Yacht sipping champagne! Mike

***** Our favorite place to watch the MK fireworks is from the Moonlight Cruise. Since we had been to WDW in 1998 (and I insisted on doing everything-I had never been before), we wanted to do some different things during our WDW honeymoon in Oct.2000. We rented a pontoon for the Moonlight Cruise and absolutely loved it!!!!! We saw the various colors of the castle, we sat back and relaxed (no neck straining or people to worry about) and had what seemed to be our own private show. I highly recommend this cruise! -Trish

***** Have the Poly/GF boat launch stop the boat in the middle of the lake, and sit back and be awed….hey, it's free, and it's truly a magical moment of Disney. Rebecca Abrahams

I love to watch the MK Fireworks while on the monorail going towards the Contemporary. I gives a sort of elevated view of the castle…it's spectacular!! Sarah McGovern

One of my most favorite memories is riding the monorail in the front with the driver while the moon was hanging low in the sky and the fireworks going off. It was indescribably beautiful. A low-lying full moon lit by the brilliant colors of the fireworks, all while sitting in the front of the monorail! What a Disney treat! We were only going to ride from one station to the other but since it was so beautiful we asked the driver if we could make the round trip and he smiled and said "sure". It was a very magical end to a tremendous day at the park! Fergi °o°

My favorite spot to watch the fireworks is hands down the Seven Seas Lagoon. On a trip to WDW to plan our wedding I arranged for me and my fiancee to watch the fireworks from a pontoon boat that we boarded at the Contemporary. Our guide was very informative and was able to tell us bits and pieces about "the World" that you can't find in the book. It was very romantic and enjoyable, (we were able to beat the crowds). While watching the fireworks I slipped a ring on to my fiancee's hand to let him know that I was as committed as he was. Trudy Morris

Contemporary Resort

***** My husband of 3 years and I go to the top floor of the Contemporary Resort (California Grill) for dinner in the lounge and stay for dessert and fireworks. The lights are lowered, the music is piped in and you can view the entire MK park with the fireworks. You can also walk out on the skywalk and see them outside. Either way this is beautiful and romantic since there aren't many families here. After the fireworks, we go out to the skywalk to see the water parade and share a kiss (or two). This time we treated my parents of 30+ years to this same adventure and they loved it! Marsha Emch

***** Give me a window table at the California Grill, with a triple chocolate souffle, as the restaurant lights dim, the musicswells across the room, everyone hushes and turns to watch the firworks explode over the Castle. Ahh, life just doesn't get much more magical than that!! (Well, except maybe standing in the hub watching the 360 degree MK fireworks at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, but that's another contest!) Joan Finder

One of our favorite places to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks is on the balcony outside the California Grill restaurant at the Contemporary Resort. If possible, we make a priority seating reservation for approximately the same time as the fireworks are scheduled to start. We check in at the California Grill hostess stand just before the fireworks, go out on the balcony to watch the show, and when the fireworks are done, our table is ready. If we ask for a seat by the window in the dining room _not_ facing the Magic Kingdom (usually not hard to get since everyone else in the restaurant wants to have a view of the Magic Kingdom), then we have the perfect spot to watch the Electric Water Pageant during dinner as it passes the Contemporary Resort! – Diane Constan

***** Our favorite family spot to watch the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom would be from our room in the Tower at the Contemporary Resort. Our family of four saw the fireworks 6 of the 7 nights we were there from our balcony. The only night we were in the Magic Kingdom preparing for e-night and saw them from our car on Splash Mountain. Nothing beats being able to sit down while watching them and then turning into your room. Michele Rhoda

We were having dinner at Chef Mickeys when the show started. From the back room of the restaurant, you could see all the fireworks lighting up the sky. It was really cool David Gordon

We love to try and time a dinner at Chef Mickey's and then go out on the outside deck of the Contemporary to watch fireworks. We have often been all alone there. Also, the last time a space shuttle went up at the exact same time. It was wonderful. thanks Trudie Abshagen

Ft. Wilderness

***** My favorite place to view the Magic Kingdom fireworks is from the beach at Fort Wilderness. We go down there, get a seat and watch with no crowds around. You may not be able to hear the accompanying music but the fireworks are just as pretty. The small crowd that gathers always applauds afterwards. Melissa Kelleher

My wife, my daughter, and I went on the wagon ride at Ft.Wilderness following the 7:15 showing of the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue. After a leisurely ride through the campground, we were taken to a clearing by the Seven Seas Lagoon. From the clearing, we looked directly across the lagoon toward the Magic Kingdom, with Space Mountain in the foreground and slightly to the right and Cinderella's Castle dead ahead in the background. After getting to watch the Electrical Water Parade, we were treated to a beautiful view of the "Fantasy In the Sky" fireworks. This is something we'll definitely do again — well worth the $16 for two adults and a child. Edward Cunliffe

Grand Floridian

My favorite place to watch the fireworks was the main pool on the grounds of the Grand Floridian! True, you do not get all the effects or even the music. But, the relaxation factor of being in the pool after a long day and without a crush of people is truly remarkable. There is something about a calm night on Disney property. Scott Wolfe

From the beach at the grand floridian melissa

My family's favorite place to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks is sitting outside on the lawn up on a slight hill at the Grand Floridian Hotel. The lucky guests who are staying there sit outside with their white robes on, but even nonguests of that hotel are allowed to view the fireworks. I find it just crowded enough to get an excellent view and be able to enjoy the spectacular show with others. Peggy from Florida

***** Our favorite place to watch the fireworks is from the dining room at
Narcoossee's. We always make a priority seating reservation about a half hour before the fireworks begin and make sure to ask for a window seat at the podium. If you don't get seated by the window, just take your glass of wine out onto the terrace and watch the fireworks from there. At showtime, they dim the lights and pipe in the music from the park. It is much more relaxing than being packed in with thousands of people on Main Street. And, there is no fighting the crowds down Main Street to catch a monorail. It is a wonderful experience…fine dining, a little wine, a little Disney music and a lot of Disney fireworks…a great way to end the day. Susan Heidenrich

My favorite place to watch The Magic Kingdom Fireworks, is from the back porch at Narcoossee's Restaurant. It is much less crowded than the California Grill, and much closer than the beach at the Polynesian. You can order drinks and bring them outside with you, where they have tables and chairs set up. Right when the fireworks start the lights get turned down, and the music gets turned on. Again, you are very close to the action, and the fireworks appear to be shooting right at you. Glenn Wojtusiak

Our favorite place to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks is from the Ponce De Leon Suite at the Grand Floridian Resort. We were married at Disney World and the evening of over wedding, we opened the window and watched the fireworks over Cinderella's Castle while eating strawberries and drinking champagne in our room. We can say "I saw FIREWORKS on my wedding night" and really mean it! Sharon and Jeff Campbell

***** Our favorite place to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks is from the dock at the Grand Floridian. They light up the castle, reflect off the lagoon etc. If you're lucky, you can get one of the benches and sit & relax. John F. Curry

The pathway between the Polynesian and the Wedding Pavilion. As you leave the tropics of the Luau, continue on the pathway that takes you from the Polynesian, toward the wedding pavilion area. A mix of the tropics, the fireworks, and the trainquility of the Seven Seas Lagoon makes for a magical fireworks viewing area. Ryan S.


***** My husband and I think the beach at the Poly is the perfect place to watch the fireworks. There are comforatable chairs, torch lights and with a cool drink……..it's the best!!! Mary & Jim Parker

After the parade, we hustled back to the hotel room, telling the kids that we had been up since 5 (it was our arrival day), it was late, etc. They just about were in their pajamas when I told them there was one last bit of magic for the day. We brought them out on our patio just as the castle started changing colors. The look on their faces was priceless–it was the most magical moment of our vacation. It may not have been the "best" view of the fireworks, but the magic didn't fade although we saw them almost every night! Robert Power

My favorite place to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks is the steps into the pool at the Polynesian hotel. Jeancbpugh

***** There is a double hammock for two people on the beach of the Polynesian resort in back of the Tahiti building. Lay on that with your loved one and get a great view of the fireworks including a fleeting glimpse of tinkerbell flying! This was awesome and romantic! Michelle Tracy

***** Absolutely my favorite to watch the MK Fireworks is from my favorite 3rd floor balcony concierge room at the Polynesian. 2nd choice is the concierge lounge in the same building while sipping a complimentary apertif! Mary Rudd

***** We came upon a great place by accident. We had reservations at Ohana in the Polynesian Resort and were lucky enough to get a seat by the window. Our seating was at the same time as the fireworks so we had a great view of the entire show. It was spectacular!! Debby Reichel

***** While this may not be the best place, it is by far one of the best experiences we have ever had at WDW. We stayed at the Polynesian Resort and stayed in a room that had the lagoon view (overlooking the beach of Bay Lake). Each night, my family & I would rush home and stop at the Polynesian general store to pick up some drinks & snacks (wine for the adults juice for the kids). We got the kids bathed then went out onto the balcony of our hotel room to eat snacks & something to drink while we watched the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom. We the waited for the water parade which arrived shortly thereafter. It was an experience that we repeated each night. Joe Hale Jr.

***** Our family's favorite place to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks is on the beach at the Polynesian Resort after the Luau early seating. My daughter (age 3 1/2) enjoys the show and food. She is then ready to relax on the beach and enjoy the firework show! Wendy Fisk

I remember watching the MK fireworks from many places around the Disney property, but one of my fondest memories is of one year that my Mom and I ventured out from our hotel room at the Polynesian. We walked over to the white sand beach next to the water and sat in a hammock. For a few minutes before they began, we talked about how it was so quiet and peaceful, and how we could never hear any planes flying over, and how amazing it was that we weren't eaten alive by bugs being next to the plush plants and the water.

The magic that can't be described, only felt, came alive in the tranquility of that moment. And then they began, and just when we thought they would end, there were more. The typical fireworks display, even around a holiday, in a major city, can never compare to seeing Cinderella's Castle light up as the fireworks explode above. Jsantercier

Wilderness Lodge

Without a doubt, our favorite place to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks is from our room's balcony, on the seventh floor of the Wilderness Lodge. When we see the lights dim in the restaurant at the top of the Contemporary, we know it is time to go outside. We must have watched the fireworks from there at least three times, during our last trip.
As an added bonus, you have the great aromas coming from the restaurant's smokehouse, which is just below the rooms. Tony Pirrelli

And Finally……..

My favorite place is in my dreams. Since we were very young my husband and I have been the biggest Disney Fans. Having the characters (stuffed animals) to keep us safe and warm at night and the smiles of Disney stories to help us through the day. When we married it only seemed fit to continue the happiest day of our lives at the happiest place on earth. We thought it seemed fit to honeymooned at Disney World. It was WONDERFUL! Neither one of us had ever been there before and were like little kids in a candy shop! We had always dreamed of the day when we could go and now dream of the times we shared together there. Every night before we go to bed we get out our calendar and mark off the days until our next trip. We talk about the times we shared and the thing that comes up most often is the beautiful scenery and the fantastic fire works displays. With these wonderful thoughts in mind it is easy for me to say that I see the fireworks over Cinderella Castle every night in my dreams. Jessica Faull