6 Souvenir Photos That Scream “This Is My First Trip to Disney World”

It takes a lot of planning to take a trip to Disney World.

Cinderella Castle

You’ve got to get the plane tickets, and hotel reservations, and book those restaurants you want to eat at on the trip, and we haven’t even talked about what you’re packing. Speaking of that, sometimes you look back at photos with some of the souvenirs and essentials you had to purchase on the trip and realize they scream, “This Is My First Trip to Disney World!” Let’s talk about it!

Here are a few souvenirs and essentials that tip everyone off that this is your first trip to Disney World:


Let’s start with a couple of souvenirs.


Okay, so you were picturing epic fireworks displays and sun-drenched parades, not sudden downpours that sent you scrambling for the nearest gift shop, right?

Rainy day

There you were, with your whole group proudly sporting the same Disney disposable ponchos. It happens. Next time you’ll come with your own.

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Florida’s a sunny place. It’s basically a guarantee that it will be clear skies, right? Wrong!

Disney Merch

That souvenir Mickey sweatshirt you grabbed for the plane ride home because “it wouldn’t hurt to have a sweater for the plane ride” suddenly becomes your best friend when those unexpected chill rolls in during the nighttime fireworks. You might even see other first-timers sporting their sweatshirts with a knowing smile.


Remember those adorable Minnie Mouse Crocs you just had to have at Disney Springs? Turns out, they’re the perfect footwear for navigating those unexpected afternoon showers.

Disney Crocs

Now you understand why they’re practically the unofficial shoe of Disney World.

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Let’s move on to those essentials.

SPF Sunscreen

So, you thought there’d be plenty of shade at Disney World, right? Well, guess what? That bottle of sunscreen you hurriedly bought from the hotel gift shop says otherwise.

Disney World Sunscreen

But hey, lesson learned. Disney World’s got no shortage of magic, but shade? Yeah, it can be a bit elusive sometimes.

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Bottles of Water (Dasani)

Reusable water bottles are a staple at Disney World nowadays, but hey, we’ve all been there.

Dasani Water

That photo of your crew posing with their Dasani bottles is a funny reminder to pack a reusable water bottle next time. And on the bright side, you’re going to save a lot of money and even help the environment!

Fuel Rods

Ah, the Fuel Rods. They’re the savior of the day for many first-timers who forgot their chargers. It’s the universal trademark of “oops!”

Portable Charger

But, it’s all good because when your phone is literally your lifeline for Genie+ reservations, mobile food orders, photos, videos, and more, a charged phone is worth its weight in gold!

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Those are just a couple of the souvenirs and essentials that tip everyone off that this is your first trip to Disney World, and we’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest Disney news and advice, so make sure to follow along so that you’re always in the loop.

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What are some souvenirs and essentials that you think tip everyone off to it being someone’s first trip to Disney World? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. We still wear our Disney ponchos we bought in 1996 and we’ve gone to WDW at least once a year except during Covid.