The Hidden Exit to Get You Out of EPCOT Faster

There are very few things that come to mind that are less magical than your experience leaving the Disney World parks at night, are we right?

Spaceship Earth at night

We’ve told you about top-secret bathrooms before, and hidden experiences around Disney World, but now we’re giving you the best exit to use when getting out of EPCOT at night in the fastest way possible, and you’re going to be so glad you listened to us!

We get it, sometimes staying to watch the fireworks at night and shutting down the park can be rough. Aside from the toll you’ve taken to make it through a full day at the park, you’ve got to face possibly the most challenging task of all — making it out of the park with the closing crowds.

Look at all these people!

But you’ve done your homework and now know to take the hidden exit! Many people don’t realize there’s a faster way to exit EPCOT at the end of the night if you’re staying at hotels on the Skyliner line or within walking distance of EPCOT — but  now you’re ready to beat them to it.

EPCOT Forever crowds (July 2021)

While everyone is trying to make their way out by trudging up to the very front of the park to catch the monorail and buses, you’ll be busy making your way through the World Showcase. From there, as you round between France and the United Kingdom, you’ll start to see the walkway of the International Gateway unfold before you.

International Gateway

This is going to be your secret exit out at the end of the night and the only crowds you’ll be dealing with are the ones walking back to their nearby hotel, grabbing a ride back on the Friendship Boats, or hopping on the Skyliner.


So if you find yourself feeling a little less than enthusiastic about your upcoming exit from EPCOT at the end of a busy day, just remember your hidden exit is waiting for you nearby!

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4 Replies to “The Hidden Exit to Get You Out of EPCOT Faster”

  1. This is a great exit (and entrance) to those staying at the Epcot area resorts. But if you are not and you go out that way, getting back to your hotel will be a challenge, although it can be done. Buses from resorts do not go to other resorts, so you will have to take a bus to a theme park or you can take a bus to Disney Springs and get a bus from there to your resort. You can also use this exit if you want to go to the Studios. As it is a 15 minute walk from the Boardwalk area. That certainly is much quicker, and far more pleasant, than going to the front exit of Epcot and taking a bus there.

    1. Thank you, James…..I hadn’t thought of using buses to other parks or Disney Springs to connect with my own resort’s bus. Not sure that would necessarily be a time-saver, but it would at least allow me to rest my feet while sitting down in the bus.

  2. But how does this benefit the people that are NOT staying at the Skyliner or Epcot resorts? And why in the world would those people try to exit at the front of the park? This doesn’t seem much like a secret exit; there’s simply two different exits, depending on your destination.