How The Disney100 Celebration Will Greet You at Disney World

It’s almost been two weeks since the end of Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, but celebrations at Disney World are seemingly far from over.

Disney100 Balloons

The Disney100 Celebration began in January at Disneyland — where Walt Disney started it all. Lately, we’ve spotted more and more signs that Disney World’s own Disney100 Celebration will soon be kicked into high gear. We’ve seen Disney 100 popcorn buckets, balloons, and now, park decor!

That’s right, we were in for a huge surprise when we hopped off the monorail this morning at Magic Kingdom. As we were headed into the park, we noticed that a Disney100 sign had been placed at the entrance — in front of the train station.

This Disney100 signage features the signature platinum finish of the celebration, and rests right above the flowers and landscaping that greets visitors as they enter the park.

New Disney100 Signage

The Disney100 surprises didn’t end there, though. We stopped by the Emporium on our way into the park, and we noticed that an all-new Disney100 merchandise display was inside the shop.

Disney100 Merchandise Display

That only leaves us to wonder what other Disney100 decor will show up in the parks soon! When we see new things in the park, you’ll be the first to know — we post EVERY DAY about all things Disney news and updates. Follow along so that you never miss a thing. Oh, and click the link below to check out some Disney100 merchandise that we’ve seen online.

Looking for Disney100 merchandise? Look no further! Click here for more!

Have you been to any of the Disney parks to celebrate the 100th Anniversary? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  1. I wonder how many people remember the “100 Years of Magic” celebration in 2001 which coincided with Walt Disney’s birthday? I actually have mugs showing that. This was during the Sorcerer’s hat in front of The Chinese Theater at the studios. This new 100 years celebration makes me laugh as it’s already been done more than 20 years ago.