What CEO Bob Iger Needs to CHANGE at Disney World

As of Sunday, November 20th, Bob Iger is the CEO of The Walt Disney Company and Bob Chapek has stepped down.

Bob Iger ©Reuters

Since then, stocks are on the rise, more employees are leaving Disney, Bob Iger’s new salary has been revealed, and we’ve learned more about why Chapek left the company. We’ve already looked at reactions from celebrities and Disney employees that have been posted on social media, but now it’s time to hear from the Disney fans.

We reached out to our readers on the AllEars Facebook page and asked, “Bob Iger is returning as Disney CEO – What would you like to see change?” We got a lot of responses, but we’re going to be discussing some of the most common answers. Let’s get into it.

Price Decreases

In October and November of 2022, Disney rolled out a set of price increases in the Disney parks on many things including park tickets, food, water, lightsabers, photo sessions, and more. Fans were not happy about the price increases and now that Iger is in charge, some readers want the prices to decrease.

Cinderella Castle

One reader said they wish the Disney parks would be ” affordable again” and another reader said, “If you’re going to keep the prices as is, then it looks like – based on comments – more value is needed.”

Toy Story Land

We now know that one of the reasons prices have increased in the parks is due to Disney+’s lack of profitability. At the Q4 earnings call on November 8th, 2022, Disney Parks, Experiences & Products had $7.425 billion in revenue and that money fuels Disney+ as the streaming service struggles financially.


Chapek said at the Q4 earnings call that Disney+ should be profitable by late 2024, but in order for that to happen, it seems like the parks will be fueling it with their revenue in the meantime. This means that prices are not likely to go down, but Disney has not specifically discussed this topic since Iger took over and at this point anything is possible.

Disney Dining Plan

Some parts of Disney World have still not returned since the park closures in 2020, including the Disney Dining Plan. And it’s clear based on the comments that many of our readers want this feature to return!

Close-up of Disney Dining Plan Snack Icon

The Disney Dining Plan is a program that allows you to pre-purchase meals and snacks at the Disney parks. There are different tiers depending on how many things you want to pre-pay for, but it was a super popular option when planning a Disney World trip.

2020 Disney Dining Plan announcement ©Disney Parks Blog

As we said above, the Disney Dining Plan has been missing since the park closures in 2020 and so far Disney has been pretty quiet on the topic. In 2021, Disney said that it would return for resort guests “at a later date” — there was no indication of when, though.

Liberty Tree Tavern

Iger has not commented on the Disney Dining Plan yet, so it is currently unclear what is in store for the beloved program. We have some clues about what it could be like, but we’ll keep an eye out for news on it.

Annual Passes

Since the park closures in 2020, Disney World Annual Passes have gone through many changes. In March 2020, Disney halted all Annual Pass sales alongside the temporary park closures and for the next 18 months, there were only certain guests allowed to renew or buy a pass.

Annual Passholder popcorn bucket

In August of 2021, Disney announced a brand new annual pass system was coming and new passes would be available to purchase in September. By November 2021, Disney had paused sales on almost every annual pass type and sales have been paused ever since.  Now, Disney fans want that to change.

Disney Annual Pass Magnet

One of the most common answers we got from readers was “Bring back annual passes!” So could this happen soon? Well, earlier this month, Disney announced that annual passes would be getting a price increase on December 8th. They specified that these will be the prices when all annual passes do go back on sale, but Disney has not indicated a timeline for when that will happen.

Annual Pass exclusive drink

Like many other points Disney fans have brought up, Iger has not yet commented on them since we became CEO on November 20th. However, Disneyland’s annual passes resumed sales unexpectedly on November 16th (and sales paused again just one day later), so it is possible something like that could happen with Disney World annual passes.

Bring Back the Magic

The most popular answer we saw overall was “bring back the magic.” Many readers want the changes made during the COVID-19 pandemic and Chapek’s time as CEO to be undone.

Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom

One reader answered, “Pretty much return the parks to pre-pandemic status. Bring back the magic! Reinstate magical express, fast passes, park hopping with no time limits, get rid of park pass reservations, fix the annual pass issues, bring back dining plans….and get everything running again!”

Disney’s Magical Express service was discontinued earlier this year. [AllEars.Net]
There are several other readers who brought up the same points including Magical Express, FastPass, park pass reservations, and park hopping times — however, Disney has not specifically addressed these topics yet. We explored what changes Iger could realistically make — you can read our full breakdown on that here

FastPass+ Sign at Frozen Ever After (January 2020)

As the Disney company continues to go through this transitional phase, we’ll keep bringing you updates on any important news and change. In the meantime, you can read more about the Iger and Chapek swap below:

Stay tuned to AllEars for more.

What Could Actually CHANGE Due to Bob Iger’s Return as Disney’s CEO

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What changes do you want to see from Disney now that Bob Iger is CEO? Let us know in the comments.

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12 Replies to “What CEO Bob Iger Needs to CHANGE at Disney World”

  1. Of these dream changes the dining plan is the only realistic possibility, unless the revenue has been the same or better than with it. It is vile to see people loading up on unused snack allotments as they are leaving the resort on their way home.

  2. as you reflect on future decisions on changes for the walt disney company, i hope that you will put forefront Walt Disney’s vision and dreams and imagination in all your decision makings. he wanted a place where families could go, a happy place,!!

  3. I really miss Tables in Wonderland. I know the discounts were steep but we used it to purchase more food etc.

    not a big fan of genie + but I am surprised it took them so long many parks already offer some sort of skip the line for a price (pushing $200 at universal depending on time of year)- but no need to use phone – which is a big +

  4. Three things would be a step in the right direct. 1. Bring back the dining plan last two trips was a complete bust because I was always have to track what each meal cost. Took the fun out of ordering what ever I wanted off the menu. But if your going to bring it back don’t put a sky high prince on it.

    2. Bring back the Magical express. It was a great benefit to be able to get off the plane and know I only had to walk to the bus and know that my bags were going to show up.

    3. Bring back fast pass + and get rid of lighting lanes and Genie. Your getting my money from the tickets and the hotel. It’s sad Disney wants me to pay more to be able to ride the rides and attractions.

    4. And lastly. Do something about upkeep and maintenance. Last trip I can’t tell you the number of times some was broken down in the ride queue. Last trip very few of the interactive screens worked on a number of attractions. I

  5. I would like Disney to get rid of Genie+ and go back to the Fast Pass system. Genie+ makes things much harder to navigate and much harder for the “average Joe”. While I can easily afford the new system, I feel as a loyal Disney World customer I resent now having to pay for things that were FREE before. Surely there is another way to help out those who can’t afford all the new price increases besides having to pay for a ride or wait in long lines.

    1. This will never happen. There were plenty of people happily paying for Genie+ and always will be. They will not give up a revenue producer that is fully automated. Had participation been limited it could have been retired. I could see it being built into a higher tier ticket though. Think regular admission or deluxe edition ticket.

  6. Park hopping as it is, is no longer worth paying for. A draw of staying at the resort is being able to enjoy going where you please throughout your vacation. For this reason, the parks reservation system also decreases the value of staying on property. I want to be able to pick parks, water park and pool days based on the weather (and rest needs of out party) throughout my stay. WDW was always expensive compared to other vacations but CMs and the atmosphere always made you feel like a welcome guest. The current systems and atmosphere make you feel, not as a guest, but like a repeatedly exploited walking atm.

  7. Please, please listen to your consumers. I would actually recommend WDW as a vacation destination again to friends and family.

    1. I have been going to Disney World annually since 1995 to present. Unfortunately with the current policies and practices it will be my last trip unless they make some major changes. Unfortunately they lost sight of what made Disney magical and family friendly. The benefits of staying on property was an hour before park open. Extended hours for night hours for parks. Currently the hopper pass option isn’t worth it as currently, since you can’t do until two and a have a reservation. I like going to one park in the morning and hit another mid afternoon then back to hotel pool then to a park for dinner and fireworks. I firmly believe they should go back to old ways.(fast pass, Disney Dining, magic bands)They definitely should bring back the magical express, and the checked baggages/ ticket for us airlines. Fully think the Genie pass needs to go. I really think the tier pricing for park tickets needs to go. Honestly for what I pay for vacation I don’t want to be using a phone or app. I rather be interactive with the family. One last thing is to be able to see the night parade without paying for another ticket