BREAKING: Disney World Announces Surge Pricing for Tickets Based on Park

Disney World is constantly changing.

Cinderella Castle

From ride updates to price increases to new little details, there is something different each time you visit. And now, there will be another change — this time it involves park ticket pricing.

Disney just announced that on December 8th they will roll out park specific pricing for 1-day 1-park tickets. This means that similarly to Genie+, there will be surge pricing based on the park.

Tower of Terror

Let’s break down the prices. Magic Kingdom will be at or above the rest of the theme parks due to its demand.

Tree of Life

The $189 price point is specifically for 9 days around the week of Christmas to New Year’s at Magic Kingdom. More than 99% of Disney’s 1-day, 1-park tickets are below $ 189. Similar to other ticket products and options, pricing for the Park Hopper Option and Park Hopper Plus Option will now vary by date.

Disney has not announced any changes for multi-day park tickets, so we’ll be on the lookout for any updates there.

Magic Kingdom

That isn’t the only change to tickets. Now, when you purchase a 1-day ticket for a specific date, you will automatically make park pass reservations at the time of purchase. This is because the price will vary by park, so you are locked into that park you are paying for. Disney has not announced yet how it will work if you change your mind and want to change the park ticket, but we’ll let you know when more information is released.

Magic Kingdom

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What do you think about the park ticket changes? Let us know in the comments.

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12 Replies to “BREAKING: Disney World Announces Surge Pricing for Tickets Based on Park”

  1. We went in September for the seventh time it was the worst experience yet. We paid over 100 dollars for a day pass. And felt we were treated as second hand people. They were only interested in people who paid extra for the fast passes. We had to wait hours for just one ride on several occasions. So that’s it will never give Disney greedy company our money again.

    1. We (my family of three) thru the 1980’s & 1990’s used to be able to go an stay at either Port Orleans French Quarter or later at Coronado Springs Cabanas Bldg #9 for 4 nights, tickets, an dining (before meal plans) for less than $1500 … it cost more to go to Myrtle Beach for the same time frame. Not anymore. We wanted to go down for a few days at Christmas, but the cost is keeping us away, I guess we will have to be happy with the allears reviews.

  2. This company and the CEO Bob Chapek can’t take the $ to the grave with them. I think they need to get in tune of what Walt Disney vision was, and it sure wasn’t what they are doing now. He wanted it to be a place where families could go to together and I am sure that includes affording it. For the most part people struggle to make what they make and then because we need a break from reality of work and ect…this man Bob wants to bring in more $ and he can because people still keep paying…He makes you pay more because he is Greedy. We love Disney not this Disney but the Disney that Walt and Roy and the Disney family built.This man is and has been ruining it. Leave him in there and see how much more greedy and selfish he gets, I understand it you have to pay for upkeep,employees,running expenses but with all the people who go to Disney…Im sure they can cover it without raising the price. Maybe everyone should stop going which we all know isn’t gonna happen and show them without us there would be no parks. I don’t know but I do know it’s a Greed ran business now and although Walt and Roy are no longer here it was not Greed that ran it. He shared his dream and now these CEO’s are making it a nightmare!

  3. Not only is WDW over priced but having to make so many advance reservations to enter the parks and dine doesn’t make it much of a vacation especially if you have to get up at 7am to secure a ticket on a popular ride. There is no room for spontaneity. Honestly, this will be our third and last trip. We’re getting too old for this nonsense. I don’t want to be tied to my cell phone. Vacation is for unplugging not hoping your phone doesn’t run out of power by dinner time. If I’m going to spend that kind of money I’ll go to an adults only all inclusive resort where nobody can reach me and I can take off my watch and not be a slave to it.

  4. We need to collectively stop giving our money to disney. Cancel our disney+ accounts, cancel our trips, etc. There is only 1 language these people understand and it’s money. Send a clear message to bob paycheck. We want the disney world that walt and roy built. Not the one they’ve created to drain us of every cent we have. Universal is gonna be my park of choice from now on. Disney vloggers, you must voice your outrage as well.

    1. I canceled my Disney+ the day they announced they were increasing prices. We just went to Disney last week and we won’t be returning. Overpriced and everyone is unhappy. The most magical thing that happened was that we all couldn’t wait to get home.

  5. Its pretty expensive this range. Based on demand? Well, its a budget item. less steaks more savings, or change to better making money ideas.

  6. I would love to hear from anyone who might still have any of the original non expiring tickets from years ago. Are these people able to secure reservations to the parks, and if so, are the tickets still honored for full admission? I still hold a CM issued, non expiring, voucher for a family of 5 to ride ANY ride at EPCOT. The voucher is over 10 years old. IF I ever return to WDW, I plan on trying the voucher out and see how they handle it.
    As for this policy change, Chapek’s trying to sell this as crowd control when it is obviously just a money grab on top of a policy that let’s the wealthiest Parents win admission to the park on Christmas. The truly wealthy parents will be at home with their grateful kids sitting in their laps on Christmas. There is NO doubt that Walt DID NOT intend his parks to become a place with preferential treatment for the rich, but here we are!!

    1. I visited guest services in early November to ask if my 5 remaining days on a non-expiring ticket I’ve had for 10 years was still valid. I thought Disney would have figured out a way to screw me out of those unused days. The CM stated the ticket/days were still viable, and instructed me not to do anything with the ticket until I was ready to actually use it. I was not given any instructions as to how to make the park reservations, though. Hold onto those passes!

  7. This just gets better and better. Can Disney be considered a predatory company at this point like apps that feel on in-game charges? Awesome times. . .