Why You’ll Be Spending MORE on Soda and Water in Disney World

Disney World is not exactly a cheap place to visit, and now more price increases have hit the parks.

More price increases have arrived in Disney World!

We’re seeing price increases at restaurants, with Genie+, with certain merchandise, and more, and now two different drinks have gotten pricier.

Now in Disney World, Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks will cost $4.29 at quick service restaurants, which is an increase of $.30 from the previous price of $3.99. This price increase specifically applies to fountain drinks, not bottled drinks.

Fountain drinks have also increased in price

Dasani Bottled Water has also increased in price from $3.50 to $3.75.

Dasani has also increased

Remember that you can still ask for free water (or bring your own!) in Disney World, which can save you quite a bit of money. There are also some areas with water bottle refill stations where you can refill your bottle for free.

Don’t forget to grab your free water!

If you’re curious about all the new price increases, we recommend checking out the following links:

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BIG price increases and menu updates for Disney Parks!

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6 Replies to “Why You’ll Be Spending MORE on Soda and Water in Disney World”

  1. 10% increase in fountain drinks and the same on the refill mugs. May not sound like much, but I doubt many people have been given a 10% raise this year. You add 10% to your $5,000 vacation and it’s suddenly $5,500. It’s not like Disney doesn’t already have these products way overpriced already. I realize product cost has gone up, but for once, Disney needs to absorb some of these costs into their already outrageous profit margins.
    On the other hand, Disney is probably doing us all a favor. Even pre Covid, Disney snack prices had already made us always think twice before we stuffed our gut with drinks and popcorn. With these super high prices maybe everyone will end up eating better by no eating any overpriced junk food from the carts. Of course, then Disney will have to go up more to make up for the lost revenue from lower sales. Maybe this is just a new ride in all the parks, the price merry-go-round.

    1. Disney’s (and Chapek’s) time is coming. Disney management is sacrificing long-term profits for short-term gains.

      1. It looks like the only way for Disney to get back on the Walt Disney track is to hit Disney in the pocketbook. I do not like it but everybody needs to do a complete boycott of Disney until major changes in leadership is done!