Why Is This So Hard in Disney World?

A day in Disney World is basically a half marathon.

Sunset Boulevard

Nope, we’re not exaggerating actually. The average runner can expect to take about 20,000 steps in a half marathon, and it’s definitely not unheard of to clock that many during a day at Disney World. With all that walking, it’s no wonder that we feel like crashing on a bench at the end of the day! But sometimes, we’re convinced that Disney must want to see our feet suffer.

Okay, Disney doesn’t necessarily want our feet to suffer, but we could definitely use some more seating in the parks. What do we mean? Well, let’s take a walk through the parks to discuss.

Magic Kingdom

Let’s start out in Magic Kingdom, where we’ve got a Main Street, U.S.A. that is oddly benchless. Have you ever noticed that people are all sitting on the curb of the sidewalk to watch the parade and cavalcades?

Sadly, nowhere to sit.

We’re also lacking seating in areas of Fantasyland and Frontierland as well. In the other parts of the park, you can sometimes find seating areas tucked away (like next to the Sunglass Hut in Adventureland or by Tomorrowland Speedway and Cool Ship), but there don’t seem to be many out-in-the-open benches.

Just wide-open walkways.

And don’t even get us started on the castle hub! There’s nowhere to sit and watch the stage show, nowhere to sit on hub grass (because let’s be honest, that grass is scratchy), and the tables in front of Casey’s Corner and Plaza Restaurant get filled pretty quickly.

Full Tables at Lunch Time at Casey’s

We just want to eat our spring rolls and popcorn with a castle view!


The World Showcase is a weird place when it comes to seating, because some pavilions are overrun with benches and others have nothing.

American Adventure

Germany has an entire seating area, while the UK gets like three benches in the very back. Mainly, you’ll find people posting up on the edge of fountains. (We’re just now realizing how many fountains there are in the World Showcase – did Disney try to put one in every country?!)

Germany at EPCOT

Lots of random ledges, fountains, and stairs to sit on, but for a park that’s focused on food, we’d love more tables with chairs. Pretty please! (Not all Food & Wine Festival meals need to be eaten off the tops of trash cans.)

Hollywood Studios

Galaxy’s Edge is home to a fair amount of seating thanks to random “crates” and theming elements, but there is NOTHING in Toy Story Land except a bench or two in front of the bathroom. And who reeeeally wants to sit there?

Bathrooms in Toy Story Land

Oddly enough, one of the best places to sit is in Animation Courtyard, but that area doesn’t have a whole lot going for it at the moment. With Voyage of the Little Mermaid and the gift shop closed, the only things you’re really visiting that area for are the Star Wars Launch Bay and the Disney Junior Dance Party.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

However, we do enjoy a good bench moment by Echo Lake! The views and vibes are immaculate. Our main complaint here is that we want some in the shade.

Hollywood Studios

The same goes for Sunset Boulevard, where we’d love to sit and people watch for hours…if all the benches weren’t in direct sunlight. Seriously, we’re ROASTING in the sun over here!

Animal Kingdom

Oh Animal Kingdom, you are truly at a terrible loss when it comes to seating. The options are few and far between, mostly located near dining spots. Many guests like to sit in the Discovery River Amphitheater, but it is pure torture out there in the summertime.

Discovery River Amphitheater

And we know that benches don’t exactly fit the theme of Pandora, but we’re willing to overlook that transgression for the sake of giving our feet a rest! That’s one of the places that needs seating the most.

Pandora — The World of Avatar

So if you’re coming to Disney World soon, start training your feet now. If you think you’re ready for all the walking and standing…you’re not. 😂 Trust us, we’ve made that mistake many a time.

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Which area of Disney World do you think needs more benches? Tell us in the comments!

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4 Replies to “Why Is This So Hard in Disney World?”

  1. Benches are a good idea. You sit down, take a quick rest, and move on. But that is not what happens. Some people will find a seat and camp there. If it’s on a parade route or firework location, those seats will be claimed four hours beforehand. So if Disney does put seating up, you will likely still have nowhere to sit – all the spots will be claimed by long-term residents.

  2. I think MK is most in need of benches but the worst part of any park day is when you have food in hand from a quick service/snack location any seating is taken up by guests who are just sitting for a rest/shade. I certainly don’t blame them but you can’t eat and drink your lunch standing up.

  3. Seating is so scarce because if you’re sitting down you’re not spending money. You could cool off on a nice shady bench and get your second wind OR you could duck into a nice air-conditioned gift shop. Which do you think Disney would prefer? 😉