PHOTOS: We Stayed at the Most Expensive Hotel in Walt Disney World

Disney’s Deluxe Resorts are known for their stunning architecture, incredible restaurants, and (unfortunately) high price tags. Over by the Magic Kingdom, there are three resorts located on the Monorail loop, including Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. You really can’t go wrong at any of these Deluxe resorts!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

It’s been a while since we’ve shown off the rooms at one of Disney’s most expensive hotels, so come with us as we stay in a Garden View Room in an outer building at the Grand Floridian Resort!

Resort Atmosphere

Want a view of the Cinderella Castle from your resort? Looking for a traditional-yet-charming hotel that still has plenty of thoughtful Disney touches? That’s the Grand Floridian! This is one of the most widely-known Disney World hotels, and for good reason! Just take a look at the grounds.

It’s a beautiful resort!

The Grand Floridian Resort is located on the Seven Seas Lagoon, meaning guests are just a short walk, boat ride, or Monorail trip away from the Magic Kingdom!

The Monorail runs right through the resort!

Additionally, this Deluxe resort offers some popular fine-dining experiences like Citricos and Narcoossee’s.


Like many Disney World hotel lobbies, this one takes your breath away when you enter the resort.

Grand Floridian lobby

While Disney’s Contemporary Resort is known for its bold, graphic decor and Disney’s Polynesian Resort is known for its tropical feel, the Grand Floridian features a soft, elegant Victorian style. You’ll see more of those elegant details in our room!

Room Tour

We stayed in a garden-view room in an outer building; room 5229, to be exact!

We made it inside!

When you first enter, you are greeted with a bright, clean room and a pretty chandelier.

Don’t swing from it, though!

The room opens up to a short hallway with a large closet with sliding doors.

Here’s the closet!

Inside, the closet has a pretty large safe, extra pillows and blankets, a hairdryer, a bathrobe, plenty of hangers, and a luggage stand.

A look inside the closet!

Now, for the moment you were waiting for…here’s our room!

Here’s our room!

Our room featured two queen beds and a small pull-out sofa bed. To the side, there is a small desk and a roll-out side table — perfect for a late-night dessert or quick breakfast in your room!

The beds are nice and big!

There are plenty of lights and lamps in the room, which comes in handy if someone in your family wants to take a nap while someone else wants to get some work done!

It looks nap-ready!

Here is the couch, which doubles as a bed!

It’s a couch…

The bed is a little smaller than your average twin-size bed!

…and a bed!

And don’t worry, there are some helpful instructions that tell you exactly how to fold the sofa into a bed.

Instructions to set up the bed!

Right next to the couch you’ll find the TV, some extra charging outlets, plenty of storage, and a minifridge.

That’s where our Minnie ears will go!

The minifridge is pretty big!

There’s plenty of room for leftovers and drinks!

Over by the desk, there is a Keurig machine will plenty of complimentary coffee, sugar, and creamer!

Yay for coffee!

This is probably more of a decorative mirror, but you’re welcome to admire yourself in it anyway!

We love the home-y details!

The Grand Floridian rooms also come with a special room service menu, complete with drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts!

Room service, anyone?

If you look carefully, you’ll find several hidden Mickeys scattered throughout the room. We won’t spoil them all for you, but there’s at least one in this picture!

See the hidden Mickey?

Although this room doesn’t have any storage under the beds, there is plenty of room elsewhere to store your things!

Does this remind anyone of the dresser from ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

Even the artwork feels special! That building looks familiar…where have we seen it before?

That artwork is pretty meta!

There are two sinks right outside the bathroom and a large counter with plenty of room for makeup and other toiletries!

Lots of counter space!

Since this is a Deluxe Resort, you will also receive plenty of free soap from Disney’s H2O+ collection. It’s good stuff!

Free soap!

If you ever run out of towels, just ask a Cast Member; they’ll be happy to help!

We spy some ‘Alice in Wonderland’ art!

The bathroom is a pretty good size…

Here’s the bathroom!

…and the shower has plenty of room for additional shampoos and soaps!

There’s more soap in the shower!

Now, we have to show you our view! Spoiler alert, it was beautiful.

Let’s go outside!

While some Disney resorts only offer a small standing-room-only balcony, our room at the Grand Floridan had a large balcony with multiple seats.

Our balcony is pretty big!

Take a look at our view; isn’t it stunning?

Look at that view!

Phew! All that exploring is making us tired. Luckily, we’re in the perfect place to take a little nap.

Overall impression

Our room at the Grand Floridian Resort was quite nice overall! It was clean, pretty, and large. Although the Deluxe Resorts tend to have less obvious Disney theming, our room still had several little Disney details that we loved to find. These rooms are quite expensive, but if you’re looking to splurge, this is a great option!


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Have you ever stayed at the Grand Floridan Resort? Let us know in the comments!

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9 Replies to “PHOTOS: We Stayed at the Most Expensive Hotel in Walt Disney World”

  1. I wouldn’t pay $700+ per night. Renting someone else’s DVC points might be the way to go (still, that might be $500/night). That said, it would be nice to see GF update the rooms. They do seem dated.

    My family usually makes a trip to the GF for dinner. I do enjoy visiting the resort.

  2. At one time I would have agreed with this, but not anymore. The GF has changed so much over the last few years, and certainly since covid, that it just isn’t really worth it. Gone are Mizner’s (still waiting to hear what Beauty and the beast has to do with old Florida), The GF Orchestra, real room servicing/cleaning, the men’s shop, etc…And who knows it 1900 park fair will ever re-open. The sad thing is I say this as an owner there. I can’t imagine what it costs to stay there paying cash, and given everything mentioned, it’s just not worth it.

  3. Not there but Animal Kingdom Resort. Housekeeping was amazing,however you watch while these people scramble to get rooms done. They work with speed with an unrealistic time frame. I also heard a person in charge berate a housekeeper because of a room that was destroyed by guest. They took to long to bring the room back up to par. They are very disrespectful of employees. It is horrible to watch them with tears in their eyes try to keep up with men in charge not caring about their duties to try to get these rooms done. We are Disney World vacationing family. Happiest place in the world only for their pockets. We will never go back.

  4. Have stayed there many times and yes it is a beautiful resort. Our last visit however was disappointing ( and this was pre covid). Some services ( like automatic turn down) had been discontinued ( now had to be “requested “ on a daily basis ) ; hot tub was not functioning properly; no recognition of special celebration etc. We did like the revamped food court.

  5. Hey there, do you have anyone to proofread your articles before posting? I’ve found myself catching a lot of what I would call errors in your writing. I’m not a professional proofreader but I’d offer to do this for free for you if you don’t have anyone.

  6. Wow! Those rooms are in DIRE NEED of an update. The old carpets, drapes, and beds coupled with the chipped, worn furniture just looks tacky. Kudos for Disney, though, for still being able to bring in that money from their Guests.

    1. Seriously. What are these rooms, seven hundred dollars a night? And that’s what you get? I guess that’s 550 for the location and 150 for the room.

    2. Yes, while it is a beautiful room, it comes with a hefty price! I like staying at a budget resort and having expensive dinners! I do not spend much time in my room to begin with. I love bringing home trinkets from my vacation!