The BEST Rooms to Stay in at EVERY Monorail Resort at Walt Disney World

Disney’s Monorail Resorts are some of the most coveted (and expensive) hotels in Disney World — and for good reason! The three hotels on the monorail loop are just about as close to the Magic Kingdom as you can get, and all three resorts are within walking distance to the front entrance!

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

While you really can’t go wrong with any room on the monorail loop, there are definitely some advantages to staying in certain rooms. Looking for the best room near the pool? Hoping for the shortest possible walk to the bus station? Dreaming of watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks from your hotel room? We’ve got you covered!

Fireworks View 

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is a stunning luxury resort with deluxe amenities and Victorian theming. 

You know it’s fancy when swans are involved!

Rooms in buildings 5, 7, 8, and 9 each offer a theme park view, meaning you can see Disney’s Enchantment fireworks at night (from a distance).

Grand Floridian view

Keep in mind that you won’t be looking at Cinderella Castle straight-on from any of the Grand Floridian rooms due to the location of the resort, but you’ll still be able to see the fireworks! 

You can see the Magic Kingdom from some rooms!

Specifically, try requesting a theme park view in the Sago Cay, Boca Chica, Conch Key, or Big Pine Key building, but our top recommendation for the best Magic Kingdom view is a room in Boca Chica.

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Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary Resort is the closest hotel to Magic Kingdom; you’re practically right across the street! 

View of Magic Kingdom

If you’re looking for a room with a fireworks view, you’ll need to request a room with a theme park view in the main tower — we recommend trying for a room on the 9th floor or higher.

Oh hey, Magic Kingdom!

If you’re using DVC points and can stay in Bay Lake Tower, we recommend trying to stay on the 4th floor and higher for the best theme park fireworks view.

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Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Over at the Polynesian resort, we recommend requesting a theme park view in one of the following buildings: Aotearoa, Tuvalu, Tahiti, or Hawai’i.  

Try to request a room here!

Some lagoon view rooms in Tuvalu and Hawai’i also offer a view of the Cinderella Castle, so be sure to let a Cast Member know if you’re hoping to see the fireworks.

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Proximity to Pool

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Maybe you would rather have a room that’s close to the pool! 

Kiddie splash zone

The Grand Floridian resort has three pools, but rooms in Boca Chica, Big Pine Key, and Sugar Loaf Key are the closest to the main pool (as well as the kiddie pool).  

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

If you want a room close to the pool at Disney’s Contemporary resort, try to request a ground-floor room.

Don’t you wish you could jump right in?

 Rooms 5110 through 5125 (located in the South Garden Wing building) are the closest to the Feature Pool, but pretty much any ground floor room in the South Garden Wing building provides a short walk to the pool. 

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

There are several buildings that offer a short walk to the main pool. 

Lava Pool

The Samoa building is directly between the volcano pool and a quiet pool, and the Niue building (right next to the Great Ceremonial House) is only a few steps from the pool as well. 

It’s a short walk to the pool from several buildings!

In the same area, you will find the Hawai’i building, which is also near the main pool.

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Proximity to Bus Station 

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Obviously, the appeal of each of the resorts we’ve talked about so far is that they are the only resorts on the monorail line.

Monorails at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

The monorail will take guests to Magic Kingdom and the Transportation and Ticket Center, but for those days when you need to get to Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, head to the bus station!

The bus stop is right below the monorail!

The bus station at the Grand Floridian resort is located outside below the monorail station. Rooms in the Main Building, Sago Cay, Sugar Loaf Key, and Big Pine Key are all pretty close to both the Monorail and the bus stop.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

As you probably know, the Contemporary Resort isn’t really broken up into buildings like most other Disney resorts.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Since the resort is mostly contained in one building (the Tower), the easiest way to find a room close to the bus stop is to request a room on the first floor. 

Disney Bus

The bus stop is just off the main lobby, so the closer you are to the main lobby, the faster you’ll be able to get to the bus station.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

The bus stop at Disney’s Polynesian Resort is located near the Rarotonga building.

Buses at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

If you’re trying to be as close to the buses as possible, we recommend requesting a room on the first floor of the Rarotonga building.

The busses are right next to the main lobby!

If you want the best of both worlds, the Niue building is close to the pool and is also pretty close to the bus stop.

Proximity to Food Court 

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

There are a variety of excellent places to eat at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. If you request a room in the Main Building, you will be located just a few floors above all the restaurants except Narcoossee’s. 

There are some AMAZING options!

If you want to be close to Narcoossee’s, request a room in the Conch Key building. 

Narcoossee’s is another great dining option!

In addition to the rooms in the Main Building, Big Pine Key and Sugar Loaf Key are also close to the main restaurants. Sugar Loaf Key is near both Gasparilla Grill & Games and the Grand Floridian Cafe, making it a great option overall.

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Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The majority of your dining options are located in the Grand Canyon Concourse, which is on the fourth floor of the main Tower building

Grand Canyon Concourse

For example, the Contempo Cafe, located on the fourth floor, offers beverages, snacks, and some delicious Quick Service options.

Contempo Cafe

Chef Mickey’s is a popular (and loud) character meal that is also in the Grand Canyon Concourse. 

Chef Mickey’s

Meanwhile, California Grill, which is the premier restaurant of the Contemporary Resort, is located on the 15th floor of the Tower building.

California Grill

Finally, there’s the new Steakhouse 71 restaurant, which is located on the first floor just past the check-in desks. 

Steakhouse 71

Your room preference will really depend on what’s important to you. Pretty much every room in the Tower is just an elevator ride away from all dining options, but as you get closer to the Grand Canyon Concourse, you’ll hear more noise.

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Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

The majority of the buildings at Disney’s Polynesian resort are all pretty close to the Great Ceremonial House, which is where you will find all the incredible dining options this resort has to offer.  

Great Ceremonial House

It’s actually easier to list the buildings that are FURTHEST from the Great Ceremonial House instead! If you want to be close to all the dining options at the Polynesian resort, try to avoid the Tahiti building and the Rapa Nui building, as these two buildings are closer to the Transportation & Ticket Center. 

Most buildings are close to the lobby!

If you’re looking for a specific building suggestion, the Aotearoa building is very close to the Great Ceremonial House and Captain Cook’s.

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You really can’t go wrong no matter where you are at one of Disney’s deluxe resorts, but if you have a specific room or building in mind, make sure to communicate your preferences with Disney!
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Although they can’t guarantee a specific room for you, Cast Members will do their best to honor your requests!

Three Reasons You Should Choose a Deluxe Resort at Walt Disney World

Do you have a particular room/building preference at one of these resorts? Let us know in the comments!

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