PHOTOS & VIDEO: See What the Thanksgiving Day CROWDS Look Like in Disney World

If you’re heading to Disney World today for Thanksgiving, there are a number of things you can enjoy, including some festive Thanksgiving-specific menus.


But, you won’t be alone in Disney World while celebrating this festive occasion. We’ve already shared a peek at the amount of guests that have been in the parks this past week and we’ve taken a look at just how many people are expected to travel to Orlando for this holiday. Now, we’re sharing details about what the crowds look like in Disney World!

Crowds in the parks this week have been pretty big.

Holiday crowds in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

While there have been some quieter spots…

Every once in a while we found some elbow room!

…many areas in the parks (especially popular spots like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge) have been rather packed.

Get Ready for Crowds!

We’ve also seen some long wait times. Again, this was particularly true for those rides that are in-demand.

Things are already looking busy!

Today, on Thanksgiving Day, we made a stop at Magic Kingdom to see what the crowds were like there.

Main Street, U.S.A. was particularly crowded.


There were lots of families all around snapping photos with special Thanksgiving props…


…grabbing a photo in front of the Castle, and just making their way into the park.

Lots of Crowds Here

As we made our way through the Castle, there was a bit more elbow room.

Still Busy But Some Pockets of Space

In Fantasyland, the crowds continued, but there was a bit more space.

Fantasyland Crowds

If you’re looking for some elbow room you might be able to find it (you’ll just have to make your way past Main Street).

A Little Bit More Space Here

In terms of wait times (we checked at around 11:30 PM ET), some rides still had shorter wait times, at just 5-10 minutes.


Others had slightly longer waits, in the 25-30 minute range.


But, many rides had wait times well over that. Journey Into Imagination with Figment was at a 35 minute wait…


…Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was at about 45 minutes…


…Splash Mountain was at about 55 minutes…


…Jungle Cruise was up to 90 minutes…


…and quite a few rides (including the ever-popular Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance had wait times over 100 minutes.


Planning to visit Disney World during the holiday season? Then you’ll want to be prepared for large crowds. Be sure to book your Park Pass reservations as soon as possible, make dining reservations well in advance, and (when in the parks) place those Mobile Orders well before you get hungry so you don’t end up HANGRY.


You’ll also want to make sure you’re prepared when you visit the parks. Remember to bring your water bottles to stay hydrated, chargers so you can stay powered up, and patience to stay calm!

Well Hello There Friends

We’ll be sharing lots of holiday updates all season long, so stay tuned for more updates!

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